Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Favorites

It's no secret we love Fridays around here, but we love Fridays before Spring Break even more.  That's right...we are turning off our alarm clocks for a week.  We've been on the go so much this winter that I'm excited about enjoying a stay-cation next week.  It will be full of some birthday celebrations, some downtime, some fun outings around town and some sleep.  

Today we're linking up with some of our favorite bloggers for Friday Favorites and I'm sharing a random assortment of my recent favorites. 

Before we went to the Super Bowl I ordered two new make-up products from Amazon that were recently recommended to me.  One is a primer and the other is a setting spray, both of which I have never used before.  The primer is a base for foundation that allows it to go on smoother and last longer.  The setting spray acts kind of like a hair spray. You spray it on after you are done applying your make up and it should help everything stay looking like it did when you first applied. 

I've really loved using these two products and think they really help with keeping my makeup looking great all day.  I put it on first thing in the morning and go hard all day long so whatever I do in the morning has to last me all day.  The primer is amazing. It seems watery when you first pump it out onto your hands, but when you put it on your face it totally transforms. It's hard to explain, but it is so silky and makes your face feel so smooth. I'm obsessed with it!  The setting spray smells really good and I think seems to do the trick.  I've really enjoyed using both! 

My DIY denim shorts have got to be my new favorite shorts. I've worn them several times so far and can't get enough. 

In fact, I wore them last weekend to Little Mama's cheer competition and when the Mr. saw me later that evening he asked if I got new shorts. 

I asked him if he read the blog or looked at our Instagram (he doesn't) so he was impressed to learn I had made them myself.  Let's be honest though...he was probably more impressed that I saved money by finding the denim at Goodwill and making them myself.  To see all of the details and directions to create some of your own check out the post HERE

To pair with those cute denim shorts I shared this adorable ATL tank I found at Target of all places.  Their whole line of local pride tops are amazing. They remind me of something you'd find at a local boutique instead of in your local Target.  The price is right (less than $15 each) so I ended up buying 3 different styles (HERE, HERE & HERE).

Not only does it look cute with my DIY denim shorts, but it also works out great for a top to work out in.  I usually wear a medium in tops for the length, but sized up to a large for these and I'm so glad I did. They shrank quite a bit when I washed/dried them and I honestly like the roomier fit.  Target is offering these featuring tons of cities so see all of the options HERE.

OK, I have to share these new protein bars that I recently discovered. I usually eat some sort of protein bar every afternoon between 3-5 PM because I'm usually getting hungry about that time and just need something to get me through to dinner.  It's usually the time I'm running kids around from place to place so I always throw one in my purse for on the go.  

Years ago I started using the term "cookie on a spoon" because I love to eat cookie dough that much.  I used to LOVE a cookie dough flavored bar that isn't made anymore. Last week I was determined to find something similar so I bought several different varieties and was pumped to find a winner.  Many were too grainy or too rubbery or didn't even taste like cookie dough AT ALL. But friends, when I took a bite into the Zone Perfect bar I needed the both hands raised emoji.  They are THAT good.

These are creamy, have the constancy of real cookie dough and are such a treat.  Seriously after lunch I start thinking about them and wondering when it will be time to have my afternoon snack.  My only complaint is that I wish they were bigger!  I've had the cookies and cream flavored one and the chocolate chip flavored one and both are amazing.  I stocked up on both because now my kids love them, too!  

Ending on a fun note, I have been listening to this song on repeat for a few weeks now.  This is pretty much how I do new songs. I'll download the ones I love, listen to them on repeat for a couple of weeks and then get over them, but not this one.  I can't get enough!

Have you heard it? Do you love it like me?  I like to play it loud, sing along, and pretend I have a good voice.  #CantStopWontStop

We hope everyone has a great weekend!  
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  1. I am checking out that song right now! My sister let me borrow her setting spray once and I loved it! I need to get some for myself.


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