Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Basement Update

Hello from the noisy place that is my home.  For the past 6-8 weeks I feel like I've been living in a construction zone.  We're in the process of finishing our basement and it's coming along nicely!  Some of you may remember that a little over a month ago I shared our basement inspiration  so today I thought I'd share a little update with the four areas I really had hoped to achieve in the basement. It feels like the hammering, sawing and noise will never stop, but in reality we are so close to being done!

Right now the shiplap is ready to be installed. I can't wait to see it go up.  We didn't do any upper cabinets except a wine rack so the whole upper wall in the kitchen area will be shiplap and also a few of the walls leading down the stairs.

Interesting Island
When we were building our house I really wanted to put X's on the side of our island, but we weren't able to get it quite wide enough because of spacing so when we decided to do the basement I knew I wanted some sort of X on the side.  The gentleman that did our install had to do the island on-site. I showed him a picture, he showed me a picture and he knew just want I had hoped for.

I love it and am so excited to see it completed with the granite in a few weeks. I'm also really excited for these pendants to be hung over the island.  We have mostly can lights throughout the basement, but we'll have a few other light fixtures and these are one of them!

I haven't bought any furniture yet, but I'm about a day away from pulling the trigger on ordering these beauties because there is an additional 15% off sale right now.  I'm obsessed with the grommets.

Barn Doors
Barn doors is another thing I really wanted in our house and am finally getting in the basement.  We did a little research and could have them made, but Home Depot actually sells a barn door kit that can be painted or stained.  Ours were stained and should be hung this week! (They are currently begin staged in another room.)

Neutral Tones
Besides the bar stools I'm about to order I haven't bought any other furniture.  However, I keep looking at this picture and loving everything about it.

The neutral colors and the different textures is exactly what I'm wanting to recreate in our basement.  I bought these pillows as a starting place because I love buffalo check.

The quality is really great and they look way nicer than the stock picture.  They also come in navy and red which I think would look so cute on a porch for July 4th!

It's been really fun to see the transformation from a dungeon of a basement to a space that is going to be so usable for our family and friends.  For example, there was an old rickety garage door that we changed to french doors, but because the sizing was different the Mr. came up with this design to camouflage the extra space.  Just little things like that that you would never have known were original to the 1960's house that this used to be.

We've kept the kids away from the basement more because there are a lot of contractors there constantly and we don't want them in the way.  The kids take down drinks and snacks to the people working several days a week, but usually greet them outside instead of inside.  Earlier yesterday Little Mama mentioned that she wants to see the basement because she hasn't seen any of the work yet. I mentioned cabinets and she was like, "What?!  We have cabinets in our basement."  I took them down last night after everyone had left and they were amazed by the transformation. It's been fun to watch it come along and we can't wait to use the space when it is totally complete.  I'll be sure to share pictures when it is all done!
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