Friday, January 11, 2019

Podcasts I Can't Stop Listening To

It's funny. I've never really been an auditory person when it comes to entertainment. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love listening to music. But sparingly. Like for short stints in the car, or during my warm up for my workout.

The back half of last year kind of changed all that though. A friend raved to me about a Podcast she was listening to and told me I had to give it a try. I'll be honest. I kind of placated her and said I would, but it was still another month or two before I gave it a try. I mean, when did I have the time to sit and listen to a Podcast?!

Right on the backside of that Carrie Beth called me one day and told me she started listening to books via Audible and loved it. She even used the words "life changing", and when she states those words I listen. She's never led me astray. I mean, me and my waist will forever be grateful to her for the "must have jegging jeans" I now own in three colors.  And I'm a few inches closer to our great maker thanks to "the most amazing root boost ever made". So when she said to give it a try and I would love it, I put it on my to do list.

In the same week I decided to give both Podcasts and Audible a try. I kept thinking I wouldn't enjoy listening, or that I wouldn't have the time to finish anything.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

I found myself instantly sucked in to both. I think it helped that I was given really great suggestions for both right off the bat. I also realized how convenient it actually was to listen to something. I found tons of little pockets in my day to listen. In my car, sitting at practices, while working out, doing laundry - just to name a few. Now I'm a huge fan and look forward to actively listening to both in my day.


The first Podcast I listened to was Serial. My friend suggested this, and based on the description I didn't think I would like it. I listened to the first episode of Season 1 and could. not. stop. listening. Before I knew it was five episodes in. 

I finished the first season pretty quickly and then asked for suggestions on social media. You guys always give great advice! I was given a pretty lengthy list, and decided to listen to the most suggested Podcast next. The overwhelming favorite seemed to be Dirty John. 

I listened to the first few minutes and wasn't too keen on it. I tabled it for a week or so and then came back to it and oh my - it was also so good! It's so crazy to me that this Podcast is based on real life. I've also since learned there is a TV show based on it. I am going to have to check that out. I still have so many questions about Dirty John, but it was definitely an interesting listen. 

On a completely different spectrum as the first two Podcasts, I've really enjoyed How I Built This. Mr. Cute suggested this one to me. It interviews some of today's top business leaders and some of the interviews are really interesting. My favorite so far is Sara Blakely, inventor of Spanx. I mean its only fitting considering she's a fellow Atlantan and makes one of my all time favorite pairs of pants. 

Other notables so far are Rise Together by Rachel and Dave Hollis (Rachel is the author of Girl Wash Your Face, the book everyone fell in love with in 2018.), Cat & Nat (The infamous moms known for their hilarious mom car chats), and This American Life (The same producers of Serial, but each episode is its own story.). 

Podcasts Suggested By You!

Here is a list of other Podcast suggestions I was given that I haven't gotten to quite yet. I thought I would share in case anyone else was looking for something new to listen to. I would also love love love some suggestions to add to my list! I'm totally hooked and can't wait to listen to more! 
  • Dr. Death
  • Younghouselove
  • S Town
  • Armchair Expert
  • The Mom Hour
  • Babes & Babies
  • Whine Down
  • Goal Digger
  • Mom Brain
  • Alone - A Love Story
  • Criminal
  • Up & Vanished
  • Don't Mom Alone

Happy listening! 

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