Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Tween/Teen Girl Gift Guide

Anyone starting to freak out just a bit about Christmas that is right around the corner?  I thought I had a good start on things, but now I'm looking at my calendar thinking when in the world am I going to finish all my shopping?

Last weekend I had my kids finalize their Christmas lists and while there was a random few things on their lists (one of my kids wants a set of crutches???!!!) their lists did help give me some great ideas.  One of our most popular gift guides last year was the tween/teen guide and I had a few requests for that one again this year so I compiled the things on my girls' lists to share!

Here's one thing I know for sure about this age brands matter to them. When they are going to school and comparing amongst friends they want the real deal, the name brands and you know what...I'm happy to give it to them. I am usually the first one to opt for the great look-alike, but when it comes to Christmas if they care about the symbol on their water bottle or jacket then I want to give them what they want.  Some may think this is feeding in to the whole Keeping up with the Jones' mentality, but honestly this is the one time of year I actually do buy them what they want so if having the same shoes as every other 13 year old is going to make them happy and confident, then so be it!

Hydro Flask - Remember when I said that name brands matter...yeah, this is one of those instances. All the girls are loving this insulated water bottle that comes in a slew of fun colors.

Waterproof Stickers - It's like they are little girls all over again with the stickers.  Only these are special stickers that go on their cool water bottles.  Amazon has a ton of multi-packs (like HERE) so they can put stickers on water bottles, notebooks, laptops, etc. until their hearts are content.

Metal Straws - All the trend right now is saving the turtles and one way to do that is by using a metal straw instead of it's plastic alternative.  Bonus is these come in a cute little carrying case so they can tote it with them anywhere they go!

Fuzzy Sweatshirts - I took my daughter shopping for some new fall clothes a few weeks ago and I swear her entire cart was filled with fluffy sweatshirts in every color, style and variety. These are a must and please note, they should be oversized. The fluffier and cozier the better!  HERE and HERE

Fun slippers - Who doesn't love a new pair of slippers for those cold winter nights?  These fun glitter ones are a fav!

AirPods - Every tween and teen (both boys and girls) want a pair of AirPods so they can watch YouTube and listen to their music without having to worry about those pesky cords.  (I for one, like my cords, but that is certainly showing my age.)

Pura Vida Bracelets - These bracelets come in every color of the rainbow and have waterproof coating so girls can wear them night and day and not worry about them getting ruined. They love to stack them and wear multiple ones at a time.

Scrunchies - Yep, they are back and also function as a bracelet more often than a hair accessory.

Suitcase - Have an upcoming trip?  A nice grown up suitcase is something she'll use for years to come!

Slushy Maker - This is something I could put on just about every gift guide I make.  Tweens, kids, and grownups alike love this slushy maker.  My kids have one and always fight over who gets to use it, my mother-in-law has one and my husband always wants to use it, too!

Patagonia - Remember that whole brand and label thing.  Yep, that applies to this.  While a bit pricier, I know the quality is great and something that she can wear for a long time!

Crop Tops - I know what you are way, no how on the crop tops.  This isn't really that cropped though...just shorter than a regular t-shirt.  It really is the style and they can were them over tank tops.  Cropped tees and cropped sweatshirts are favorites for my girls. And again with the brand.

Makeup Mirror - Honestly, this is something I would like for myself, but my girls are super in to makeup right now, so this lighted make up mirror would be a great gift and it has a rechargeable battery!

Makeup Brushes - New makeup brushes are fun for everyone! Glitter, rose gold, or other pretty sets make dabbling in make-up that much more fun!  Some other options HERE and HERE.

Makeup - Anything from eyeshadow or Highlighter Pallets to lip gloss sets are fun for girls of any age to add to their collections.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat - This is another one of those I want it for Christmas, too, type of things.  These brush cleaning mats go in your sink for an easy way to properly clean all of your makeup brushes.

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