Thursday, November 14, 2019

Exterior Home Mini-Makeover (Update)

A few months ago I shared that we were planning to paint our house.  You can see the inspiration post HERE.  It was just a tan to start with and I never really loved it so when it was time to paint I was ready for a change. The problem was I couldn't decide between white or a darker color.

We looked at a bunch paint samples, drove around a ton of neighborhoods, and scanned Pinterest for ideas. We even had our color wheel out in a new neighborhood that was being built and trying to hold it up to compare it to paint colors on the houses.

After going back and forth for a few weeks we finally decided to go dark and just kind of picked one we both liked.

I remember still being nervous after we picked out the color and just hoping it would look good once it got on the house. When I came home after they started painting the first day I LOVED it and couldn't wait to see it completed.

I just love how it makes the trim pop and I really feel like you notice the stone more with the new color.

I'm so happy to see it every time I pull into the driveway! 

Paint color details for anyone that wants to know. 
Siding: SW Thunder Gray 
Trim: SW Canvas Tan 
Metal Roof: SW Caviar 


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  1. What company carries that paint color that you painted your exterior of the house? It looks absolutely stunning and my daughter is wanting to paint her house these colors. She lives in the north Georgia mountains and it will look beautiful here

  2. In one of the pictures it looks like it has a blue tone to it? Is that so?


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