Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering 9/11 {And a winner}

When I got a note home in Little Mama's school folder asking that all the kids wear red, white, and blue today in honor of 9/11, I was happy to know that their school was remembering this important date in history and helping the kids learn to show pride in our country.

September 11, 2001 will be a date that our country never forgets.  I'm sure everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing when the horrible events occurred that day.  It's crazy to me that we all remember great details about that day, but our kids will thankfully only know it as history.  Kind of how our grandparents felt about us and WWII or our parents felt about us and President Kennedy getting shot.  I did explain to my girls why 9/11 is an important date in our country's history, but what I wanted to focus on most of all is remembering all of the wonderful heroes and helpers of that day and the people that make our country so great.  We also talked about the sense of community Americans have and how, on that day, everyone came together to be stronger and more proud of our country than ever before.

We were happy to all dress in red, white, and blue today to show our pride in our country and to remember the many lives lost, as well as, the many heroes of that day.

On a completely different and much less important note, I wanted to say that I am so excited so many of you visited our blog and entered our giveaway for one of the burlap football door hangers.  It's obvious that you all love football season just as much as we do!  For this giveaway, I went the old-fashioned route - names in a bowl.  A football bowl, of course. :-)

After giving them all a good mix-up, I had my little assistant close his eyes and pick out one name...and the winner is Erin who's favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles!!!

Congrats to you, Erin.  Be sure to email us at to let us know the details of your door hanger (colors, wording, etc.) and to give us your mailing address.  For anyone who didn't win, I promise this is an easy project you can complete by following the tutorial HERE or they are available for purchase in our ETSY shop.

Be sure to check back tomorrow because Jen will have a fun Friday post and then next week I'll be sharing how my kids artwork display turned out!!!
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