Monday, June 20, 2016

Wooden Monogram on Burlap

Happy Monday!  Today I wanted to share the second part of my Chalk Paint® project.  I shared the first part on Friday HERE and showed how I transformed my antique washstand to a beautiful Duck Egg blue and moved it from a guest room to our foyer.

I knew I wanted a wooden monogram or initial hanging above this piece and had the thought to somehow attach it to a burlap covered canvas.

I found Julie's Woodcrafts who is local and designs and makes wooden initials, monograms and other types of woodcrafts.  I was very pleased with her selection and the price was much more affordable than others that I had found online or in stores.  I was able to pick mine up, but she also has an Etsy shop and can ship to you!

I decided to go with a single initial because I needed it to be narrow enough to fit between the top of my washstand.

She recommends staining or spray painting her pieces, depending on the type of material used, and I normally would have spray painted it, but I wanted it to match my washstand exactly so I used the Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan on it.

After I was done painting the initial I used a light wax to seal it and then went over the edges very lightly with a dark wax to give it a worn look.  I was a little nervous because I didn't want it to change the color too much since I wanted it to match the washstand.  I love how it turned out though and think it add a little something extra to it.

Next I set out to purchase a canvas and burlap to cover it. I was going to just stretch the burlap over the canvas and use a staple gun to attach it at on the back, but then as I was walking down the aisles at my local craft store I found this!

 A stretched burlap canvas already done for me and in the exact size I was needing. I just skipped the step of having to do that myself and for about the same price bought the one that was already done.  If anyone is interested in this project, I found the same product by a different brand on Amazon HERE.

I was a little stumped about how to attach the initial to the burlap.  First I tried Gorilla Glue that my husband swears by for everything, but it wasn't working for this.  Perhaps I just didn't let it dry long enough, but I was on a limited time schedule.  Next I tried hot glue, but it dried so fast I wasn't able to get glue all over the back and flip it over on the burlap in time.  I wished I had E6000 on hand because I know that would have worked.  I used to use that for everything that needed  something strong to hold and it goes way back to my dance days.  It's what my mom used to attach rhinestones to my costumes.  I really wanted this project done ASAP though so I used hot glue and just worked in sections. I glued the top part first and had it attached well.  Then I sort of worked my way around the initial, sticking the tip of the glue gun between the initial and the burlap to glue each section until I felt like it was going to hold.  This is what the back looked like after it dried. As I was gluing I made sure to really push and hold the burlap to the wood.

I added a picture hanger to the back of the canvas and was ready to hang.

I feel like it fits perfectly between the top of the washstand and I love the way it completed this little space in my foyer.

Now I'm trying to decide what my next house project will be.  Curtains for the guest room, painting another piece of furniture, or more wall decor?  It's constantly a work in progress, but I love seeing the before and after on fun projects like this!

 photo cbsignature.jpg

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