Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Cocktail Confessions: Raspberry Refresher

On Monday we introduced you to our newest favorite olive oil, spice and balsamic vinegar taproom, Olea Oliva!.

If you missed that post, be sure to check out the wealth of knowledge and information HERE.

After making our way through the taproom and tasting a variety of flavored, fused and infused olive oils its was time to head over to the flavored balsamic vinegars.  As we were learning about the many uses for these vinegars you can just picture how our eyebrows lifted and our ears perked up at the mention of cocktails.  Balsamic vinegar in a cocktail?!  I know it sounds a little odd, but trust us, after you taste these flavored balsamic vinegars you will be opened up to a whole new world.  There are so many delicious options, from coconut and apple to peach and chocolate there were so many to choose from.  I ultimately decided to bring home this Raspberry Ginger balsamic vinegar  and boy am I glad I did.  The suggestion to add a splash to soda water or add it to a cocktail got my wheels turning and I couldn't wait to see what type of cocktails (or mocktails) I could come up with!

I recently started drinking a lot of sparkling water.  At first I couldn't stand the taste of them because they were just so bitter, even if they had a bit of flavoring, but the taste has grown on me and especially during warm summer months when I want something really cool and crisp, I have grown to love them.  Well add a little vodka and some Raspberry Ginger balsamic vinegar  to it and it's a super refreshing and light evening cocktail!  Perfect for sipping by the pool on a hot day or while enjoying the cool evening breeze on a porch.

I'm still experimenting and I can't wait to get some more flavors, but for now my favorite recipe is for this Raspberry Refresher.

Raspberry Refresher 
2 oz. vodka
4 oz. raspberry flavored sparkling water
1 oz. Raspberry Ginger balsamic vinegar 

Combine ingredients over ice and garnish with a lime wedge.  Enjoy!

If you are local you can stop in Olea Oliva! at The Avenue at East Cobb and mention our blog to receive a free 60 mL bottle of olive oil or balsamic vinegar with a $25 purchase. 

If you aren't local, no worries!  You can order online through their site.  Enter code MAGNOLIAMAMAS to receive a 10% discount online.

What are your favorite cocktails for summer?

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