Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Favorites

Whew! We have reached Friday (finally!), and after a crazy week of school events, construction chaos, and crazy weather we can say that we are definitely ready for the weekend!!!

We both have super fun plans scheduled for this weekend, so now is a good as time as any to follow along with us on Instagram! Carrie Beth is headed to the Kentucky Derby and I'm headed for some southern style fun in Greenville, South Carolina. Stay tuned...

Before we roll into our weekends though, we are sharing some of our favorite finds this week as usual for Friday Favorites

This week our yard has been a hot mess in more ways than one. We installed a sprinkler system and that has caused a lot of hiccups this week. Rumor has it I might not have showered a day or two more than normal for mom life. Fingers crossed we have water this weekend.

And we are still working on Project Deck. While I shared with you guys how that project was mostly wrapped up last year with our friend Amanda, we did a cozy little update on it this week...

I will share more details later, but I think I have found my new favorite spot in the house. 

While I was frequenting my new favorite spot I caught a moment to catch up on some of my favorite magazines. I rarely sit down to read these. Usually if I get a moment to read I choose a book to read (or scroll through the Internet), but it was nice to sit down and enjoy a good old fashioned magazine not online. 

I forgot how much I love look at all those shiny, glossy pages, and how fun it is to dream in color. Some of my favorites to read/look at are Southern Living, Coastal Living, and Southern Lady Magazine

We shared this on Facebook and Twitter this week, but what girl doesn't love a good Tory Burch sale

As a lover of all things nautical, I was super excited for the discount on some of these finds. The sail boat dress, the nautical espadrilles, and that canvas tote have my name all over it. 

The sailboat pattern on the dress is also available in an adorable bow top that is on sale as well. 

I'm not anywhere near ready for swimsuit season (eek!), but loved these swimsuits that are part of the sale. I think the navy swimsuit with cut outs might be my favorite.  

(click pics for details)

Speaking of working out, I have been ramping up my sweat sessions again, which means I've been binge watching a few new shows too. Last week I did a little crowd sourcing, and asked if those who have Netflix thought it was worth it, and what shows would be binge-worthy. You guys came up with some amazing suggestions!

I started off with The Crown and I think it is my new favorite! 

I think I officially have a royal family obsession. Remember during the Winter how I couldn't get enough of Victoria? Well, this is similar, but it is about Queen Elizabeth II's reign and I am completely sucked in. 

Have you seen it? What else should I binge watch on Netflix? 

We have been so busy lately that unfortunately we've had to eat a lot of meals on the go, and have had a lot more time spent in the car than we normally would. And that's saying a lot. I've been trying to cut way down on screen time and have found a few easy little entertaining life savers to bring with us on the go. 

On a Target run I stumbled upon these fun magnetic travel games. 

The kids love them, and they have entertained us everywhere from the car to the sidelines of one of our many activities. I love that they are neat, easy to play with, and super easy to store. 

Another favorite has been these little notepads. Somewhere along the last few months The Cutes have become obsessed with playing Tic Tac Toe. So much so that the Easter Bunny delivered us these nice little notepads filled with nothing but Tic Tac Toe boards. 

The Easter bunny can't seem to remember where these were purchased, but I spotted similar ones here and here

That wraps up my favorites for this week, and now it's time to kick off the weekend with a special Cinco de Mayo margarita and then we are outta here!

What have been some of your favorites? 

Happy weekending everyone!

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