Thursday, May 4, 2017

Celebrating my kids' THINGS with Fruit Shoot®

In December when Jen and I shared our favorites of 2016 one of my very favorite things was that each of my kids seemed to have found their “thing.”  The thing that made them want to work harder to improve.  The thing that they put their whole heart into. The thing that taught them about the important life skills of perseverance, teamwork and determination.  And, most importantly, the thing they loved and what made them happy. 

As we are nearing the end of the spring sports season I can say with certainly that they love their “things” more than ever before and being a sports mama on the sidelines is totally my thing.  I saw this shirt on Facebook a while back that someone shared and I laughed.  It was funny because it was true!  

I wouldn’t have it any other way though.  Because we are on the go and always at someone’s practice, game or competition I have quickly learned the importance of always having snacks and drinks with me.  Someone is always hungry or thirsty so easy, on-the-go snacks to help hydrate and refuel them is a must.  These kids are expending a ton of energy and Atlanta ins’t nicknamed Hotlanta for nothing.  They always have tons of water with them, but I like to have a little something special for them to drink from time to time also.  Juice boxes or pouches are such a mess and can’t be saved so when I learned about Fruit Shoot ® and their resealable cap I knew it would be perfect for our afternoons at the ball fields or evenings at the cheer gym. 

My little Boo-Boo is baseball obsessed.  We are even turning his room into a baseball themed room.  I know he is still young and things could change because he is pretty athletic and likes playing every sport, but baseball seems to have his heart.  

He is very serious when game time rolls around and he is competitive and wants to win. He also puts a lot of pressure on himself to improve and want to perform well.  

Blondie is our soccer star.  She’s questioned that at times, but most recently she sees how well she does and that helps boost her self-esteem and self-confidence.  

She loves to run, she’s aggressive, fast and loves scoring goals.  Even after she comes home from practice she loves being outside playing and always asked someone to play with her.  

Litlte Mama is my cheerleader and her first year of competitive all-star cheer totally sucked her in.  She eats, sleeps, and breaths cheer.  

If she isn’t cheering she is watching cheer videos and studying different teams.  She’s a flyer, which involves a lot of additional stretching and practice on her stunt stand at home, but she does it every chance she gets.  

I feel good about giving them Fruit Shoot® because there is no artificial flavors, no sugar added and no high fructose corn syrup.  My kids are kind of over juice drink pouches. I’ll send them to school in their lunch boxes and often times they bring them back home unopened. Or they tell me if they do drink them they end up throwing away part of it because they didn’t have a way to save it.  Same thing is true when we are out and about for evening practices.  However, with Fruit Shoot® the fun resealable sports top is perfect if they don’t drink it all at one time and my kids loved the Fruit Shoot® Fruit Punch flavor.  

I wasn’t surprised to learn that Fruit Shoot® has been a trusted brand for over a century in the U.K. and happy that they are now available in the US.  To find retailers near you check HERE

Have your kids found their thing?  Maybe a sport or a hobby?  Painting or dancing?  I love that it’s so different for each kid because that is what makes them all so special and unique. 

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