Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mommy Maintenance: LipSense

It's been a while since I've had a post in our Mommy Maintenance series, but I'm so excited about what I'm sharing with y'all today!

First up though, here is a look at the other posts in this series so far: 

Now onto today's topic of lipstick!  I'm a girly-girl and have always loved make up.  I think it started with me always admiring how beautiful both of my grandmothers always were.  They were true southern belles and it may speak to their generation, but they were always perfectly polished with their hair curled, wearing pearls, and lipstick on.  When I was a little girl I loved playing in their jewelry and accessories, dabbing some of their powder on my nose and begging for some lipstick that they would always share with me on the way to church when I was little.

It is pretty rare for me to be seen without makeup.  Not because I'm self-conscious without it, but because I feel more complete and put together with it on.  When my cousin, Bryn, texted me a while back and asked if I had heard of LipSense I was kind of surprised I hadn't.  Mostly because with social media I see a lot of the trends and new products early, but this was completely new to me. 

LipSense is a long lasting lip color that literally stays on I thought it was too good to be true, but I was excited to try it out for myself.  

I watched THIS VIDEO and was instantly intrigued.  Obviously some of these colors are WAY out there, but there are a lot of regular everyday colors for everyday mamas just like me and I actually had a hard time narrowing it down and picking just one to try.  

I had so many questions, including how in the world does this actually work and how is it possible.   It is waterproof, kiss proof and smudge proof.  Seeing this graphic helped explain a lot. 

The first color I tried was Champagne Beige.  I loved it because it was similar to something I'd wear on an everyday basis.  Whenever I want to give my little Boo-Boo a kiss he makes me pause and then he checks to see if I'm wearing lipstick because he does NOT want any of it on him.  However, with this he doesn't have to worry because it stays put on my lips and does not transfer all over his cheeks!! 

You are supposed to apply this product in three layers to ensure longevity and you put it on in very thin layers. When I first started wearing it I think I missed that step so my color was a lot darker than expected, but that was because I was putting it on thicker.  Basically it should look like you don't have anything on the applicator when you put it on.  

When you first put the lip color on it does feel kind of sticky and weird, but it doesn't transfer.  Then you are supposed to put on the glossy gloss right after the lip color has dried. It kind of helps lock in the color and give you the moisturizing your lips need.  It lasts a while, but when my lips start to feel dry I reapply a few times throughout the day.  I'm obsessed with my lips being moisturized so I love this gloss.  It isn't thick or goopy and I feel like it lasts and stays on a very long time.  

I have LOVED using LipSense and have ordered two more colors from Bryn...Pink Champagne and Lexie Bear-y.  There are so many colors it is hard for me to narrow it down, but if you don't like something you can send it back, no questions asked.  I loved that and it made me stress a lot less when trying to pick out a color!  And not to blow your mind or anything, but because this is worn in layers, you can wear different colors for each layer to create unlimited color possibilities!

I love having my lipstick on and feeling polished and put together, even if I'm just having a regular day.  It has been so great for me because I get ready first thing in the morning and don't have time to reapply, touch-up, or even care about my make up until I'm ready to take it off that night.  It takes me through my workout classes, through running errands, through lunch, afternoon carpool, homework help, sports practices and games, dinner and beyond.  It truly does last all day!

Last Friday we went to a Billy Joel concert at SunTrust park and I knew I didn't want to bring a big purse.  When picking and choosing what to put in my small clutch it was so nice not hot have to bring a bunch of different lipsticks and glosses. I just brought my glossy gloss with me because I knew my lip color would last all night.  Through dinner, drinks, singing, dancing and enjoying the show, it never faded and was perfect all evening.

Another perfect example of why I love LipSense occurred yesterday.  I was being officially inducted as secretary of our PTA.  It was part of a brunch and while I knew a lot of the people in the room I was still kind of dreading getting up in front of them all.  However, I felt confident when I did have to stand in front of the room because I knew that even though I'd eaten my delicious brunch, I didn't have to worry about my lipstick rubbing off or getting all over my face!

After many hours the color does eventually start to wear off or if you want to remove it sooner you just use the Oops Remover and wipe it off.  Easy as that!  I've been so happy with my LipSense and wouldn't recommend anything that I didn't really love. Right now Bryn is offering a special for a first time collection.  

If you are interested in learning more don't hesitate to leave questions in the comments and I will try to answer.  You can also see all sorts of application videos, colors, and other information on Bryn's Facebook page. I'm always learning something new or seeing new fun colors I want to try!

You can also contact her by email ( and she is on Instagram.

I'd love to know what you think!  Have you tried LipSense?  Do you think it is too good to be true?  Leave me a comment and let me know!
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