Thursday, May 18, 2017

Have a Slammin' Summer!

The countdown is on and we are just a few days away from school. For weeks now our calendar has been filled with end of school year festivities. Field days, art shows, and now it's time for the final hurrah - the last day of school!

Little Cute celebrates her last day tomorrow. On her field day she and her classmates each exchanged fun summer gifts. She came up with the idea to give each of her friends some fun squirt guns. The last day of school is going to be extremely low key filled with lots of playground play and movie watching.

A few of us are sending in some yummy snacks for the kids to enjoy through out the day. I know I won't have time to make anything homemade, so I went for the next best easiest thing - a pouch snack!

Yummy, organic and  healthy snack for older kids. Packed with protein, fruits, and vegetables.

My kids love these Slammers snack pouches.  They taste yummy, and they always try to copy what the kid on the front of their pouch snack is doing when they eat them. (Where/how this started I have no idea, but they think it's a fun game.)

Great organic kids fruit snack pouches. Great snack option for older kids! Packed with protein!

I love them because...
1: It's a pouch snack! Hello super easy, mess free and healthy snack!
2: The kids have no idea they are eating a healthy serving of organic fruits, vegetables and protein each time they consume one. My kids think these are a huge treat! (And what mom would I be if I spoiled that joy for them?)

I have a hard time keeping them in the pantry so sometimes I have to hide them so they won't eat an entire box in a day. So, I knew L.C. would be excited to bring them into class for her friends, and I know her teachers will be excited that it doesn't contain frosting, candy, or - their personal favorite - frozen treats on a stick.

Fun printable for the end of the school year. Great way to kick off summer with a treat!

I whipped up this fun "Slammin'" themed printable to coordinate with the pouches. (Note: You can't tell in photos, but there is an outline of an electric guitar behind the wording as well.) 

With a quick attachment with some gold and black curling ribbon they are ready to go.

We are all set to celebrate and we can't wait to check off the last day of preschool for the school year!

Download the "Slammin' Summer" printable HERE.

Have a Slammin' Summer Printable and gift idea for end of year party gifts. Great end of school year treat! (Free printable!)

When does your Slammin' summer start? 

To learn more about Slammers Snack Pouches: 

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Have a Slammin' Summer! Great end of the school year treat idea with free printable. Coordinates well with Slammers Organic pouch snacks. Great treat idea for older kids!

**We received this product as part of the Go Gourmet/Slammers Snacks ambassador program. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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