Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Kentucky Derby Weekend

Last weekend we attended the Kentucky Derby for our first time ever and had an absolute blast.  The weather down south decided to get cold and rainy so the weather wasn't ideal, but we made the most of it and still had a blast!  It was a wonderful long weekend away with old and new friends and we loved the experience.  We left on Thursday afternoon and were ready for a good old fashioned road trip.  We all rode together in a large van and it was about a 6 hour drive.  

We stopped for snacks, ice cream, and pit stops along the way.  It was pouring rain most of the drive, so it made for a longer trip that we had anticipated, but we made it there safely and were all ready for a nice dinner that evening.  

The next morning we were up bright and early and ready for zip lining in a mega cavern.  This old, abandoned mine now holds many adventures like zip lining and biking through the caverns.

 I've zip lined before, but never in a cavern underground and it was so neat. It was a little nerve wracking at times to know we were under ground and also 70-90 feet above ground as we were zipping, but our guides were amazing, calmed all of our nerves, made jokes along the way to keep us laughing.  We weren't able to bring phones so I had no pictures of us actually zip lining, but we did take one of some of the girls after to prove we were brave.

After a few hours being adventurous we decided it was time for some rest and relaxation.  While the guys had lunch and were off to play golf (that they didn't end up playing due to the rain) the girls in our group visited the spa. We were in awe of the gorgeous roses all over the hotel.

After our time at the spa we went hat shopping!  None of us had hats yet because we knew we'd be doing this together as a group.  That was an experience in and of itself.  I'll just say these hat designers are pretty serious about their hats.  We were allowed to try on as many as we would like, but we were asked not to touch them so we had to have assistance with that.  Interesting to say the least.  However, there were tons of different options for us to choose from.  Everything from fascinators with feathers and butterflies, headbands with florals galore and wide brimmed hats adorned with all of the above.

Everyone ended up finding something that would coordinate with their dresses and I was so excited about mine.  I had really wanted a real hat and thought it would look best with the dress I had picked out.  A few weeks ago I found a white Lilly Pulitzer dress that was a steal at TJ Maxx and I had planned to carry a seersucker clutch.  When I saw this hat with the seersucker detail I was sold!

My girls wanted to see a picture so I sent this to them and then they sent me back a picture of their hats.  My mother in law had gotten hats for them to decorate with flowers, which was the cutest project ever!

Before heading back to the house we grabbed a quick round of signature drinks!  I'd never had a mint julep before so it was a treat. 

Be sure to check back tomorrow to read all about our day at Churchill Downs and our first hand experience at the Derby!
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