Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Not So Basic Invites & Stationery

Some things are just better old school. Topping the list for us is invitations and stationery. In this day and age of the e-invitation and thank you note, we appreciate more and more the traditional monogrammed linen notecard that will occasionally grace our mailbox.

Don't get us wrong. We've been known to send an e-invite (er, dozens)  in our lifetime. Sometimes convenience just wins.

But our southern mothers and grandmothers trained us well. For every digital manufactured invite we put out into the world wide web, we've more than made up for in personalized stationery distribution.

And lest we desired our southern cards being revoked, we've never ever sent an e-invite to any major event. Weddings, showers, baby showers, birth announcements and first birthday parties all get their proper stationery homage.

And everything thing (and we do mean everything) requires a traditional handwritten note regardless of the occasion.

Receive a gift for your birthday? Send a thank you note.

A neighbor makes you soup when you are sick? Send a thank you note.

Had a important meeting or an interview? Send a thank you note.

Bob waved you through first at the 4-way stop when it was really his turn? Thank. You. Note.

You get the idea.


We have a few places we like to utilize for our stationery needs, but one stands above the rest. We've found ourselves keep going back to Basic Invite again and again for any and all of our custom stationery needs.

We fell in love with Basic Invite last year, when we used them to design our business cards. We knew when we designed our custom business cards that they offered coordinating stationery pieces in the same design. We were just so impressed with the quality that we moved forward with customizing and ordering thank you note cards as well.

We've had several events that we've hosted over the last year that have featured Basic Invite products, and in that art of passing down tradition, we've ordered all over our children's stationery from them as well.

Even our little sports lovers were covered.

They just make the process so easy. With hundreds of designs available, the ability to customize with over 180+ color options, and over 40 different envelope colors available, it's hard not to find what you are looking for.

From business needs to personal use, Basic Invite really is a one-stop shop for all stationery needs.


Because we love Basic Invite so much we've partnered with them to give you guys a discount to try them for yourselves. Visit their website and use the code 15FF51 for 15% off any order! The code works for any product on their site. Photo cards, wedding invitations, custom business cards, birth announcements - anything!

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**Thank you to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own.**

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