Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday Favorites: Our Favorite Statement Earrings Under $20

Happy Friday friends!!!  I used to think that I loved Friday's during the school year because it meant the weekend was finally here.  Well Friday's during the school year have NOTHING on Fridays during the summer.  It has been such a busy week and we have NOTHING planned for today so it meant I could sleep in, get caught up on things around the house and just have a bit of time to actually sit down (and not be driving all over town!).

Today for Friday Favorites I wanted to share some of our favorite statement earrings. We just love dressing up an outfit with a fun statement earring and it really can be something that pulls your entire look together!  These are some we are loving this summer (or really all year long) and have been wearing a ton!  The best part...they are all UNDER $20 and a lot of them are under $10!!!!

tassel earrings 

I'm going to start with my very favorite and most worn pair.  I purchased these tassel earrings in the spring and wear them ALL the time. Every single time I wear them I have people comment on them and no one ever believes that they are from AMAZON!!!  The price fluctuates here and there, but most of the time they are under $10!!!!  They come in several different color combinations, too.

I just love these earrings.  Despite being big and making a statement, they are really light-weight! 

Colorful 4-pack

The next ones I have been wearing a ton this summer are these colorful rattan/wicker ones.  They are also super light weight and the colors are so fun for summer.  Plus, these rattan earrings are so on-trend right now.  Would you believe this 4-pack is under $15?!?

I've been wearing the pink and blue the most, but really love all of them!  

Natural 4-pack
If you love the natural rattan look there are several 4-packs at amazing prices on Amazon, too!

These are such a great summer look and will match EVERYTHING!!!

Pom-Pom Earrings 
Sticking with the rattan style these with the yellow pom-poms just make me smile! :-) They are so fun and bright and remind me of a sunshine!  Such a cute pop of color.

Blue hoops // Colorful hoops 
My go-to earrings are always hoops!  I love hoop earrings and these are a fun colorful twist. Regular price they are over $20, but I got them on sale and Macy's ALWAYS has different sale codes going on so they are often under $20. 

They are acrylic, so really light-weight, but sort of a multi-colored design, so it matches so many things!  The white ones are traditional circle hoops and the blue pair are a fun octagon shape. 

Because we spend SO much time at the baseball fields during the summer I knew I needed this baseball pair of earrings!  They are under $10!!!  

I shared these once before and have had several of my fellow baseball moms order some because they are so cute! 

Pink Oval // Pink Drop Earrings 
Y'all know we love pink!  These two pairs are by far our favs.  The Kendra Scott look-alikes actually come in a ton of colors!

The drop earrings are under $20 when on sale and such a cute design. They look a little more dressy to us so fun for a date night or girls night out!


We're all about summer and tropical everything. It makes us feel like we are at the beach, even if we are stuck in Atlanta.  When I first saw these earrings it was love at first night.  I wanted to love them when they arrived, but they were just too heavy for me.  If that doesn't bother you, then they are adorable.  You can also mix and match the charms on could wear just the colored ones, just the gold, or all of them together.

tassel earrings 
These tassel earrings also come in a bunch of different colors and are a fun shape!  We love navy year-round!

These are great for summer with nautical looks and work great to transition into Fall, too!

Gold Hoops 
 Probably the most worn pair of earrings I own are these gold hoops. They are under $10 and as light as a feather.

I've had them since winter and they have held up great!  The wire is very thin so really dainty!


These beaded earrings are SO pretty!!!  They are so chic and come in several colors, but we loved this pretty aqua. They look like something you would find at a boutique, but they are under $15 from Target! 


We shared these red, white, and blue earrings from Findlay Rowe a few weeks ago! Jen and I both got the little bow pair.  They are just precious!

If you are local, I would definitely recommend checking out all of their earrings!  Here's just a peak at some of the fun, colorful pairs they have in stock!!!

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