Thursday, December 10, 2020

S'mores Board Birthday Party Idea

Planning a birthday party over the past year has proven to be a difficult feat. With pandemics and quarantines and social distancing and everyone on different levels of comfortability - birthday party planning requires a certain finesse. Mostly because while kids understand that this year is "different", they still want to do a celebration of some sort for their big day. And we can't blame them. 2020 needed all the happy it could get. 

I love that drive by parties were super popular in the beginning of the year and over the course of the Summer. The Summer also lent for small pool gatherings and outside parties to occur. But now that temps are cooler - Winter birthdays prove a little tricker to plan. 

I thought I would quickly share this idea that L.C. came up with for her birthday. She turned 7 at the end of October and girl wanted to celebrate. All on her own she came up with the idea of having a s'mores party. 

No cake. No candles. A way to stay warm, but still be outside. A way to physically distance but still be social. For photos I took a few things out of the packages, but for the most part food could stay individually packaged as well. 

 I remembered a few years ago Carrie Beth and I created a s'mores bar, and how easy it was. 

(Side note: If you haven't tried a s'mores made with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup you haven't really lived!) 

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It was the easiest little party to create and everyone had a great time putting together their own s'mores concoctions. 

I ordered these super long bamboo s'mores sticks so that even our tiniest of guests that stopped by would be safe. They worked so well that I ordered another pack to have on hand for whenever we get the fire pit going and the kids want a s'mores on the fly. 

It was such an easy and fun birthday party idea, that I think even when we get beyond all these Covid days I'll use it again. 

Have you had to plan a pandemic birthday? What have been some of your favorite ideas that you have seen to still be able to celebrate safely? 

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