Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Cheer Weekend Recap + Covid Disney Tips

It's Wednesday and I think I've finally recovered from my UCA cheer comp girls weekend to Orlando. I had both the girls with me, and with the Covid times still upon us, I decided to drive instead of fly from Atlanta. At several points, on the way down, I regretted this decision. Eight plus hours together in a car, with endless arguments and screeching that even the best of my noise canceling headphones couldn't drown out, will do that to a mom. 

But all hearing loss aside, it was a super fun weekend. I went into this competition season as a cheer mom newbie, and now I can do a winged eyeliner with the best of them (thanks youtube make-up artists), and will forever shed glitter where ever I travel (it's an upgrade from just the dog hair I normally shed). 

| Sometimes God does answer prayers.|

My daughter has loved every. single. second. And seeing her big smile and a passion for a sport she loves (and trust me - it is a sport) has made every extra practice, long drive, and drama over the (direct quote) "worst hair pulling and hair brushing" she experienced each comp weekend - totally worth it. 

I'll take this brief time to shout out to the good people of various Hilton properties for never calling DFACS on the mom with loud screams coming from her child in her hotel room. That bun was always high, tight and right all season. 

UCA weekend was FUN. There's just something about having a comp in the "Happiest Place on Earth". 

We spent our first few days solely focused on the competition and hanging out at the hotel swimming during our free time. 

Our hotel was right across from Disney Springs and hop, skip, and Florida humidity filled jump across a bridge we sweated our way towards Planet Hollywood one day for lunch. The kids loved it. 

And they love their over the top drinkable dessert creations even more. 

The hotel had an amazing set of pools, complete with an oversized hot tub, lazy river, and game area. On the weekends it features a live DJ. Needless to say for a bunch of 5-12 year olds it was heaven. 

There is also a large bar. Needless to say for cheer moms, it was heaven. 

But don't let all the fun and games fool you. These kids work HARD. From top to bottom this season they have overcome every Covid hurdle thrown at them this last year and it shows. Not to brag on them (but I totally will) - they WON! 

But I think what struck me more was the fact they loved doing it with each other. They cried coming off the stage, and not because they were excited to win or upset about something with their performance. They were crying tears because they love each other so much and this was the end of their season. They end of what they accomplished together, and they know they did it with the sweetest group of friends. My seven year old recognized the importance of that. As a parent, what could I not love about that?!

As day two wrapped up, I made a last minute decision to take the girls to the Magic Kingdom. I had tickets to Epcot because that was the only reservation at the time available, but when I saw Disney had Magic Kingdom availability I switched our tickets and hopped quickly on the Monorail before something could happen. 

I'm a planner, but the spontaneity of this moment worked in our favor. Capacity at the park for a Sunday was low. We walked right in. 

A mini-parade (because in Covid times parades, character visits, and shows are things of the past) was occurring and the Minniest Magnolia made all her dreams come true - Minnie Mouse waved right at her. 

We rode rides. We didn't wait in any lines! We ate all the yummy food. And we just had a blast together. 

Disney is waaaaay different. Wearing a mask all afternoon in the hot sun wasn't the most pleasant experience, but we did so happily. (And if you happen to forget or pull it down for a second a cast member will pop out of the nearest perfectly landscaped Mickey shaped bush and remind you.)

I was nervous when I saw Fast Passes were no longer a thing, and feared we would be waiting in long lines. My fear was unfounded though because we rode several rides back to back to back due to no one being in line. The girls thought it was the greatest day of their lives. 

And then my winning cheerleader (totally still bragging) decided to ensure it was the most memorable day of her life and lost a tooth. Thank you to the kind strangers who helped locate it on the cobblestone roads in the dark of the evening with the golden lighted power of our cell phones and our Ariel musical bubble makers. 

Tinker Bell. Trophies. And Tooth Fairies. 

I'm not sure about you, but the murderous hair brushing can totally be over looked. 


I thought I would write these down for you on a quick sheet in case needed. Most info you can find on their website. But I didn't know I would need to use the app as much. Lots of things are hands off, and I wasn't expecting to have to mobile order food. Overall it's an easier Disney experience with some of the traditional fun missing. It didn't slow my kids down one bit, or make them feel like they were missing out on anything. Several of our teammates also felt the same way - it was enjoyable. So if you have an upcoming trip...

Disney Covid Tips & Facts

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip! How sweet that someone was kind enough to help you look for her missing tooth.


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