Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Masters 2021 Recap

Last week the Mr. and I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Masters.  We've been lucky enough to attend in the past and you can read all about my Girls Guide to the Masters HERE, but to be able to attend with these usual circumstances was a treat!  Things looked very different, but also a lot of it was the tradition you would expect. There were limited spectators and no grandstands. Usually where you see chairs 10 deep at the tee boxes and around the greens, you could pretty much walk up to any rope and see any golfer you wanted.  Of course some of the bigger names had more fans following them, but overall it was a quiet atmosphere.  The gift shops that are usually packed had plenty of space for people to move around and the food and bathroom lines were pretty much nonexistent. 

We stayed at the Ritz Carlton at Lake Oconee for two nights and it was heavenly.  This hotel remains one of my very favorite places ever. 

It's obviously really nice, but has such a laidback and relaxed feel to it.  We brought our kids a few years ago and it is very family friendly.  Being here reminded us that we want to plan a little getaway with the kids this summer, too! 

The grounds are just beautiful and everywhere you go you have a view of the lake! 

After getting settled in the Mr. had golf plans and we were still waiting for some other friends to arrive so I made my way to Gaby's for lunch. 

It was so peaceful sitting alone at my table for one right by the water.  Totally peaceful! 

Next up I was treated to a massage!  

Honestly, I could have just sat in the spa listening to the peaceful music all afternoon and been happy. 

While I was waiting for my spa appointment I got this pic from the Mr.  He was playing golf with John Daly!!!  He was the celebrity entertainment for the group we were there with, but it was so neat that they got to play golf together. He was quite the character everyone says he is and lives life by his own rules, but I think that is what makes people love him.  

The group we were with hosted an incredible few days.  They had thought of every detail and went out of their way to make everyone feel comfortable, no matter what your comfort level was. Everyone had to take two Covid tests leading up to the event, but they also offered this bracelet system to allow you to show your level of comfort in the group.  It was a very small group, but I still thought this was a creative way to do it!  For anyone wondering, we were team green all the way. 

After dinner and s'mores by the fire we made our way to bed because the next morning we were up early to head over to Augusta National!  It's a little over an hour drive from Lake Oconee, but not a bad drive at all. 

Phones or cameras are not allowed inside the tournament, but we snapped this quick picture before leaving for the day just outside of the gates.  Imagine beautiful blooming azaleas just like this all over the course.  I enjoy the golf part of it, but also love seeing the gorgeous course. 

That evening we had another cocktail hour and dinner where John Daly was also in attendance.  We had him sign one of our souvenirs from the day!  

After dinner we were treated to live music by the Pat McGee Band and it was so much fun. John Daly actually hopped up on stage and did a song with them, which was incredible!  

Late night we ended up back on Daly's tour bus to check out some of his championship trophies. I mean, add that to a list of things I never thought I would be doing, but it was quite the experience and something I'll never forget. 

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