Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites {TV Shows}

Happy Friday Friends!!!  Today we are linking up with a blog I often read, A Little Bit of Everything.  Erika is a mom of 3 kids and I just really feel like I can relate to her blog and her life!  She is friends with another very favorite blogger of mine (Mix and Match Mama).  Every Friday Erika hosts a blog link-up called Friday Favorites where everyone blogs about some of their favorite things.

Today I'm going to be sharing a lot of new TV favorites for my family.

First up is a show I happened upon when it was raining non-stop last week.  I was browsing through On-Demand shows for Boo-Boo to watch during his rest time.  He spotted a big monster truck and knew that was the show for him.  Turns out the show was Blaze and the Monster Machines on Nick Jr. and it immediately became his new favorite!

It is the cutest show about a monster truck named Blaze, his 8 year old driver, AJ, and all of their monster truck friends.  The coolest thing about this show is that it focuses on a STEM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Each episode covers all four of these subjects in one way or another and kids are encouraged to "help" the characters solve problems.  I can definitely attest to that fact because as Boo-Boo is watching it I hear him calling out the answers to the questions posed on the show.  It is really engaging and super educational!  He absolutely loves it and he loves to role play that he is one of the drivers or the trucks and act out things he sees on the show.  For a while I couldn't find it on the actual TV guide so he watched the same 3 episodes through On-Demand over and over and over.  Now I finally have it set up to record the new episodes.  This show comes on at 10:30 AM on Nick Jr.

Little Mama has a new favorite, too.  It is a show on Disney called Dog with a Blog.  Ha!  I just love the title and the premise of the show.  She knows I blog and I think that was her initial attraction to the show.

This is the first non-animated show that I have let her watch (besides things like America's Funniest Home Video and such).  I feel like a lot of what is on Disney or Nickelodeon is not really appropriate for kids her age and that it makes them grow up a little too soon.  This show is pretty innocent though and the perfect little comedy for kids and families.  It is about a family who has a dog that can talk, but the kids keep it a secret from their parents.  It always ends with his blog and wraps up with some sort of lesson he and the kids have learned.  It's funny to me that this is Little Mama's new favorite because when she was younger she loved the show Martha Speaks on PBS Kids, which is an animated show about another talking dog.  I guess her interests have stayed the same...this is just more of a grown up version.

Now onto Mama's new favorite.  Late one night a few weeks ago I was flipping channels and I always go to HGTV to see what's on.  I ended up watched an episode of Fixer Upper and wondered how in the world I had never seen this show before!  Oh my goodness. It was love at first viewing and I immediately went into obsessing mode where I look up every bit of information about the show that I can, follow them on social media and set my DVR to record every episode possible.

The show's hosts, Chip and Joanna Gaines, are a married couple who live in TX with their 4 kids.  Together they help other couples find homes that need a little TLC and they work together to remodel and renovate the house.  Chip is the contractor and Joanna is the interior designer.  They work their magic and make some really rundown places look like dream homes for the new owners.  

I think I love this show for many reason. First, I love it because it is similar to what we did with our house.  I had a hard time seeing the vision, but my husband convinced me it would be worth it and boy was he ever right.  We turned an old, outdated house into our dream home and I love it more than words could ever explain.  

Next, I love this show because of the chemistry between Chip and Joanna.  They are such a sweet couple and they involve their kids in part of the show, too.  They are fun and like to laugh and work really well together.  

The other reason I love this show is because of Joanna's decorating.  When she comes in at the end and styles the homes, I am always in awe.  I just love her style and the way she reuses and repurposes so many things to make them look amazing in the homes.  I love mixing old and new things together and seeing the way she does it always gives me inspiration to work on a certain area of our house.  I am really wanting to go antiquing soon to find some more treasures!!!  The pictures below are from her own home.  They live in a remodeled farm house in TX and it is just perfection!  

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of
 She is a busy lady because in addition to the show she owns a shop and writes a blog as part of their website.  You can find it HERE.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun-filled weekend ahead!  Who knows...maybe you will catch an episode of one of these shows and they will become one of your favorites, too!  :-)
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  1. We love all of those shows in our house too! Stopping by from the link up :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Stopping by from the link up! I agree, I love her style too. All of the raw and refurbished wood is just amazing!

  3. New here from the link up! I love your favorites, too!

  4. I was lucky enough to meet them in person at an event they hosted in October. Loved them before but even more after....they are genuine!

    1. I would LOVE to meet them. They just seem so amazing, so I'm happy to hear they are like that in real life, too! I would love to take a trip to TX to check out Joanna's shop, too! :-)


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