Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Toy Review {Sands Alive!}

The kids got some really great things for Christmas this year and we are slowly opening boxes and testing out new toys and games.  One thing that they all got that has been a major hit is their Sands Alive! kit.  While visiting a local toy store a few weeks ago they were able to test this stuff out and knew right away that it would be on their Christmas list.

You may have heard of moon sand or something similar and I am not exactly sure how this differs, but I can tell you that my kids LOVE playing with it and it really is no mess.  Sands Alive! describes their product as:

The most amazing unique learning and play material to enter the market in years: Living Sand. Consisting of sand and other natural ingredients, the only way to describe the feeling of this material is sublime. The sensation is somewhat similar to cookie dough, yet it is totally dry to the touch. Mold it into hard durable shapes and with a soft touch, it will break apart and appear to move. Almost as if it were alive. 100% non-toxic and anti-bacterial, Living Sands won't stain and easily removes from you hands.

I set up everything outside on our porch because I wasn't sure if I really believed the no-mess promise, but any sand that did fall was easy to pick up and either toss or add back into the play tub. I could definitely see doing this inside on a hard floor surface on a rainy or very cold day because the sands that might fall would be an easy clean-up.

The large set they got included 4 lbs. of sand, a large plastic tray to play with it in, and a bunch of molding tools.  I really like this particular set because it was big enough for all three of my kids to play in it and there was enough sand for them all to have plenty at the same time.

However, if you don't have a need for the large set they also have a small set that would be perfect for just one child. Or if you wanted to just buy the sand and use your own container or tray to have your kids play, they sell individual bags, HERE.  Boo-Boo also got the Dinosaur Set which comes with dinosaur shaped molds, sand, and a smaller tray for playing.  In fact, there are many different themed sets depending on your child's interests.

My three stayed busy making all sorts of shapes, pretend cookies, and ice cream cones for over an hour!  After their morning of playing, I quickly cleaned everything up and put the sand in a gallon sized baggie.  The sands literally just brushes off all of the molds and toys.  I was easily able to fit all of the toys and sand back in the tray so I could store everything in the original box and have it ready for the next time they want to play with it, which will probably be tomorrow.

I think this would be a great birthday gift for friends and will probably be my go-to for gifts in the near future.  Also, it's perfect if you are thinking about the upcoming coldest months we are about to face and looking for fun and interesting products you can purchase to keep your kids happily entertained indoors.  My 3, 5, and 7 year old all had fun with this and I am sure pretty much any kid would love it...heck, I even had fun testing it out!  :-)
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