Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Get Better Sleep with Cadia Pillow

Best pillow for sleep 

Oh my gosh y'all! If ever there was a post to read - this is the one! So, a few weeks ago I had had it. My neck was killing me. I was waking up in so much pain looking left would make me cringe every single time. I just knew the cause had to be my pillow. 

When we moved last year, my husband talked me into a new mattress with extra firm support. Listen, I like to sleep on what feels like a fluffy cloud of goodness. What's not firm? Clouds. The mattress salesperson assured me that it would get less firm over the course a few months and I would be in sleep heaven. Oh and here are some firm pillows to throw in for good measure just to make the angels sing. 

That salesperson sits on a mattress throne full of hard, neck pain filled lies. 

When Cadia Sleep asked us to do a review for their luxury adjustable pillows, I jumped at the chance to give them a try. 

Best. Decision. Ever. 


Cadia pillows come in three different levels of firmness - soft/plush, medium & firm. I am a side and stomach sleeper and ordered the plush one for me. My husband is a side and back sleeper, and I ordered the medium for him. The best part about each pillow is that it is adjustable! 

Being able to customize our pillows to our needs has been sleep changing! Each pillow comes with a series of inserts that can be removed or added to ensure that you get the ultimate comfort and support that YOU need. 

The pillows are hypoallergenic (Which is great for those nights when my allergy prone daughter comes into my bed and steals my pillow. Spoiler alert: it's every night.), and built with materials that (to quote the website), "make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud"

They had me at "cloud"

The inserts and pillow cover are also washer friendly! Such a bonus! I wash my pillows every few weeks to make sure all the dust mites and dead-skin cells are removed, and love knowing I'm not ruining its fluffy cloud-like features while I'm doing so. 


Another great thing I love about Cadia is that they recycle your old pillows. If your old pillows are  polyester or down alternative filled Cadia will recycle them. And it's totally headache free to do so! They send the packaging and labels with your pillow purchase so all you have to do is pop your old pillow into the mail and done! I wish other companies would think of recycling programs like this! Think of how much good they can do. 


Both my husband and I agree that Cadia pillows are life changing. We both are sleeping better, and my neck now can move any which way pain free. I also feel like I don't get up as often through the night. Now that I am more comfortable I think I am able to sleep more soundly. I didn't even realize how much my old pillow was affecting me and my health on a daily basis. I wish I had done the research and made the change sooner! 

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