Thursday, January 14, 2021

Teen Media & Game Room {Part 1}

If you read the blog yesterday, you learned that my 2021 goal is house projects and our first one is already underway! A little back story first.  When we were renovating/building our house I knew I wanted a big playroom on the main floor because at the time my kids were young.  It was the perfect spot to house all of the big toys like the train table, play kitchen, dress-up clothes, art station and more!

When the kids got a little older and weren't playing with those types of toys anymore we transition it more to a homework/hangout space which they liked, but rarely used. 

My son will play in there if he has a friend over and still likes some toys, but for the most part they are sort of past that phase which brings a tear to my eye. If given the chance to time travel, I would turn back the clock to the day my oldest was born in a heartbeat.  But, since that isn't going to happen, I'm embracing the stage we are at and making this room functional for our family.  We've been debating what to do for some time now and finally decided to transform it into a Teen Media & Game Room.  

I did what I always do when I'm looking for ideas for my house and logged into Pinterest to start searching!  I found so many great ideas and got some really good inspiration.  

After all of my pinning and "research" I knew that I wanted to do some sort of dark accent wall, have comfortable seating for the kids, and that the Mr. wanted a big TV in there.  I'm super pumped about the cool accent wall and all the kids care about is when we're getting the new TV. 

Because the room is really big and the lounging/TV section is only going to take up part of the room, we've also decided to move the air hokey and foosball table from the basement up here, too.  I honestly think they will get used more being right off our main living space.  We'll still have some toys in the closet in there (because I'm just too sentimental and for the VERY occasional time they get used) and I've got to come up with something to do with all of the the giant Nerf guns we own.  Besides that, the playroom part of the room is going to be gone. I had a really hard time taking down the children's artwork gallery wall. 

Once we decided what we wanted for the wall I was in camp hire "let's someone to do the work" and the Mr. was in camp "I can do that." I let him have at it and last weekend he worked nonstop! 

He moved electrical outlets, tore off baseboards, patched drywall, and did all of the trim work himself.  I was just the assistant holding things in place when asked, so this was really all him.  

I helped paint on Saturday night (this is 40), and was really happy with the color I'd picked. We went with Sherwin Williams Urban Bronze which I have now learned is the 2021 color of the year. How fitting. 

I love this wall.  It makes such a statement when you walk in the room and all of the other walls are now freshly painted and free of random crayon marks. 

All of the trim work and drywall patching done, the painting completed, and the room is mostly cleared out except for some random furniture we are going to donate. Next up is new carpet and then the fun stuff like curtains, moving furniture in and yes, the big TV! 

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  1. What a great idea! Our playroom became the boys' gaming room years ago but I have always wanted to repaint the walls and add in better furniture.


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