Thursday, September 6, 2018

Tween Hangout Room {Playroom Makeover}

A few months ago I started our playroom makeover. It had been a long time coming.  My kids had outgrown the toy phase and rarely used the playroom anymore. So, I set out to transform it into a room that they would use.  I shared the Homework Station space a while back and today I'm sharing the full room details.  

The homework station has not been used nearly as much as I would like because the kids are in such a habit of spreading out on my kitchen island, but when one of them wants to get away from the noise and have their own place to work they will go in there. 

I can also see that as they have friends over to work on projects or just hang out they will use that space more and more. 

So one part of the room is the homework station and lots of open space in which my Boo-Boo likes to create ninja courses...

And the other part of the room is more of the hang-out space where the kids can watch movies or TV, chat with their friends, or just relax...

We had the couch in there already, but I wanted to find some other fun seating so purchased two of these butterfly chairs and the kids love them. 

They are actually really comfortable and so affordable!  I also got four of these poofs (this color is sold out, but lots of other options HERE). 

The black and white rugs were on clearance at the end of the summer and they are actually outdoor rugs, so I'm hoping they will be able to stay clean and withstand any messes that might occur. 

These fun pillows kind of tie everything together. The black and white square ones are also outdoor pillows so they clean up very easily and I loved the Adventure one!  Seemed fitting for the age group I was thinking about when doing this room. 

We used to have one of these hanging in the playroom, but it had seen better days after lots of use over the years so we switched it out for one of these hammock chairs. The kids LOVE sitting in this. 

Also in the background there you can see the giant chalkboard that we added. I'm going to post all the directions and my tips for that project tomorrow! 

If found this wooden bead and pom pom garland and thought it was so much fun!  It also comes in pink, but the black and white was perfect for this space! I hung one stand on the hammock chair and also above the table in the room. 

I left up the artwork gallery wall because I love looking at it and thought it would keep some fun color in an otherwise neutral room. 

Honestly, the biggest part of this project was cleaning out and getting rid of all the toys. I sold a bunch, donated a bunch, threw out a bunch, and gave a bunch away to friends with younger kids. My kids, mostly my little guy, went through and picked out some things he still wanted (mostly Nerf guns, a few cars/trucks and all the balls). Most of those things are either in the closet in that room or in some baskets and other storage we kept. 

Also, Blondie still loves playing school so we kept her "teacher stuff" and white board easel in one are of the room.  

Overall, I'm so happy with the way it turned out and the kids seem to be enjoying it. They are definitely using this room more since the transformation and that was my goal!  I'm sure we'll change it again at some point, but for now it works during this stage of life! 

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