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Book Club: September

Happy Fall y'all! Okay, well, it's sort of Fall. It still feels like Summer, but pumpkin spice, boots, and cozy blankets wait for us just around the corner. We're looking at you November. 

But we just love the idea of snuggling up under a blanket on the porch on a crisp Fall night. Book in one hand. Glass of wine in the other. Ahh...It just sounds magical. 

August was equal parts chaotic, and summer like. We started all things back-to-school at the end of July, so most of August was spent getting used to the new routine for the next ten months. Finding pockets of free time is hard at times, but during the school year we always have the reliable car pool and closed practices to give us a little reading time.

So really we do have kind of a fall porch thing going on in the afternoons. You know, if you count plush leather seats, drinks containing enough caffeine to energize a third world country, and heated seats for when the AC gets a little too crisp. Throw in a pumpkin spice air freshener, and it's totally the same thing right? 



Nothing.  I read nothing. Well, that is not entirely true. I read a lot of Elephant and Piggie books with my little guy because he is just obsessed with those right now. I also have been keeping up to date with re-learning all sorts of facts about European geography, how to find the density of an object, minerals and their properties, phases of the moon, and lots of other riveting information I don't remember from my own schooling because, let's face it, who really needs to know that stuff except a 4th and 6th grader. However, seeing as how I am the official homework helper and study buddy in our house, that is where my efforts have been. 


Well, you can tell school is back in session, and sports practices are officially underway. I read FIVE books this month! Not to mention you would think we were all exhausted from the new schedule (because it's a doozy), but nope. The kids are back to taking turns getting up each night, which logs a lot of extra reading time. 

(That's another post for another day. Feel free to send sleep tips because I'm desperate!)

Some of the books I read this month were amazing and some were just duds. I might have one in contender for a favorite of the year. It kicked off the month so all the others had a high bar to reach. 

I read My Oxford Year in just a few days, and I didn't want it to end. I loved almost every single part of it and the ending was a huge winner for me! It follows Ella as she takes a year off from her political career to fulfill her life long dream as a Rhodes scholar at Oxford. On her first day she runs into Jamie Davenport. Their paths keep crossing and eventually she realizes there is something more there than she thought. Until she finds out Jamie's secrets. I won't say any more with out giving it away, but it was so so good! If you like Nicholas Sparks or Jojo Moyes novels you will love this My Oxford Year. (It kind of reminds me of one of Jojo Moyes' more popular novels, but again, I don't want to give it away!). Definitely one to add to your list! 

Campaign Widows was the second book I read for the month, and I think it wins the award for the most fun. I grabbed this book on a whim from Target, and I really enjoyed it! Cady Davenport leaves her high profile producing job in New York to move in with her long time boyfriend in Washington D.C. She's immediately thrown into D.C.'s crazy world of politics and meets a fun cast of new friends along the way. I loved the behind the scenes take from the significant others during a campaign, and more than once I laughed out loud. 

Faithful was third for the month, and I have mixed feelings about this one. This is the third book I've read by Alice Hoffman, and I am on the fence if I'd read another. Faithful has been sitting on my bookshelf since last year, and I finally decided to dig in. It follows Shelby after a terrible accident she experiences the night she graduates high school. Over the course of a few years you see how Shelby is shaped and changed by the tragic experience, and to be honest at times I didn't even like her character (even though I majorly felt for her). The redeeming part of this book for me was the last few chapters. It got such rave reviews, so maybe I'm the one outlier. Did you read it, and love it? Tell me what I'm missing. 

I was super excited for this one. Long time Book Club followers know we are huge Colleen Hoover fans. So, when I saw she released a new novel I couldn't wait to scoop it up. All Your Perfects follows Quinn and Graham. They are a couple who met during some unfortunate circumstances, but even though they weren't sent down the path of life they thought was ahead of them, it shows you sometimes God has a better plan. The book goes back and forth between the past (how they became a couple), and present (how life can break even the greatest of loves down). The novel spends a large part talking about infertility and marriage. I thought it was a really good book, and while it wasn't my favorite by Colleen Hoover I still would recommend reading it. Her books just make you think and feel, and I love that. I'm sure everyone sitting next to me at soccer practice loved that too. #passmeatissue

I'm not sure what it was, but apparently I had a small political theme going on this month. And it's not even a huge election year (unless I'm missing something). Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win closed out my month and I would have to say it was just an okay novel. Charlotte is one of the country's top women in business, has a handsome husband, and adorable children. She seems to have it all, and her business savvy has launched her a political career. The book follows Charlotte on the campaign trail and shows you that behind the scenes of politics can be quite ugly. I was torn because I really liked the main character, but I think after reading a few really good books this one was just okay too. I also wanted more closure from the ending than I got. I won't spoil it, but I needed just a teeny tiny bit more. It's just so hard to compete when the month started so strong! 


I have read about a chapter of Something In The Water by Catherine Steadman after Jen passed it on to me so I'm hoping to delve into that a little more in the next few weeks.  

The Mr. and I have a trip planned and then our school's fall break is right after that so I'm hoping to get a break from the homework helping role and be able to also read the new Colleen Hoover book. I adored It Ends With Us and always enjoy her books. 

Okay I started a few pages of this book in August, but couldn't find the time to get beyond the first few chapters. But, from what I have read so far, I'm excited to read more! 

Next Year in Havanna came highly recommended to me by a sweet friend. She never does me wrong, so I am excited to report back next month and hopefully share a glowing review! 

What have you been reading lately? Anything we need to add to our carpool reading list??


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