Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Celebrate The End Of Summer In Style {Laurie Louis Designs}

Summer break might be gone, but here in the south Mother Nature is making summer live on. It doesn't really cool off here until November (October if we are lucky), so we swim until at least the end of September. With Labor Day weekend last weekend, we wanted to plan a party to say goodbye to summer.  However, with school already in session and sports in full swing, we wanted it to be as stress-free as possible.  We made our way up to the lake for a day full of boating, swimming and as much relaxing as you can get with 6 kids. 

Here's our 5 tips for hosting a stress-free end of summer party so you can say goodbye to summer with a bang!

1. Pick a theme - Luckily we always have our pieces from Laure Louis Designs on hand. They make putting together a theme for any party so easy.  Just switch out the different designs in the lucite tray and ice bucket to coordinate with the menu tents or coasters for any occasion.  We also like to use the pieces for something that you wouldn't expect...like the ice bucket to serve popsicles!

2. Scour the clearance rack - Summer stuff usually clearances out this time of year. Anything you might need to complete your summer theme can be found really inexpensively!  From pool floats and squirt toys to yard games and more, stock up now!

3. Keep it outside - One of our biggest tips when hosting a party, especially with kids, is to keep everyone outside as much as possible. No one wants their house a mess and chances are if you clean top to bottom preparing for guests is just going to get ruined right away.  It's still warm here so enjoy it! Doesn't matter if you are at the lake, at the pool, or just at home.  Everyone outside is our rule!

4. Easy food is key - Keep it store bought. We have always said no one will know (or care) if what you serve is homemade. Summer food is easy so keep it simple.  If you are doing a meal hot dogs and  hamburgers are easy and if you just want snacks chips and popsicles are perfect and sure to be a crowd pleaser.

5. Fun drinks - We believe every reason to gather should be a reason to raise a glass.  Having fun drinks for the adults is a must and one of our favorites to sip on during the summertime are poptails. They are super simple to make and surprisingly so tasty.  Simply pour you favorite white wine and pop in a popsicle.  Really, that's it!  We usually prefer sweeter wines, but in this event we tend to use something a little dryer like a Noble Vines Chardonnay.  As the popsicles start to melt it sweetens the wine!

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This post is part of our ambassador program with Laurie Louis Designs.  All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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