Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday Favorites: Fall is Coming Edition

Happy Friday y'all! We hope all you lovelies had a great week! 

We've kept things light around here this week just because it's been our Fall Break and we have been on the road the last few weeks. (If interested you can keep up with all of our travels on Instagram.) That doesn't mean we haven't stumbled on a favorite or two!

Linking up for Friday Favorites, and then heading into the weekend because it's finally supposed to be sunny and I've heard there might be apple orchards in our future. 

And where there are apple orchards there are apple treats. 

And I'm so here for it. 

One of my favorite moments of the week, and quite possibly the year, was spent taking L.C. to see Aladdin at the Fox Theater with one of my sisters. 

We were in New York the whole week before, but we didn't take in a show on Broadway. We just didn't have the time to squeeze it in, but I think we didn't stress about it because we knew we had this little date planned. 

Y'all, it was SO GOOD! It might be one of my favorite shows I've seen ever!

I loved watching L.C.'s face throughout the whole show. At one point she turned to me and asked, "How can I get on stage and wear the costumes?". 

Sweet girl might need to work on her singing abilities, but I have no doubt with her personality and spunk she could be on that stage one day. 

It's already left Atlanta, but if you get a chance to see it I highly recommend. It was a super kid friendly show too. 

So Fall has officially arrived. But in true Southern fashion, it probably won't arrive until sometime in November. And I'm actually okay with that. #longlivesummer

This made me laugh though...

For the south, that's about as accurate a depiction of fall as it gets. 

Because it's be in the 90's, and only occasionally dipping down to a brisk 85, I've opted to keep all those pants and cozy sweaters in my air conditioned closet. A fall piece will sneak in here and there, and this sweatshirt has been on repeat lately. 

Every time I wear this palm sweatshirt I get tons of compliments! 

I even wore it in New York on our travel day home and at least five people stopped me and asked where it was from. It's nothing fancy, and it's the perfect weight for still warm days. I love that I can just throw it on with my cut-offs and some sneakers and still look put together. 

Comfy and cute - just the way I like my style. 

Speaking of fashion favorites, those sneakers I was wearing with my palm sweatshirt have also been on repeat lately. I purchased this ivory perforated pair a few weeks before I left and they are SO COMFORTABLE!

I immediately packed them in my bag for NYC, and ordered a second pair. I knew we would be doing a ton of walking, and considering how comfortable they were I knew they would be the perfect shoe to pack. If they can survive mom life, surely the streets of NYC were nothing. 

The second pair I ordered was this black leather weaved pair. Seriously, just as comfortable. I have a similar shoe in blush that I purchased last year that a ton of bloggers recommended, but these hands down are way more comfortable. 

I have a feeling they will be my go to shoe from now until it's flip flop season again. 

Okay, it's no secret that I'm not really a chef. But baking? I can do some baking.

A few weeks ago we were asked bake a go-to recipe to test out the new Oyster Hand Mixer.  I'm not even kidding when I say this is my new favorite kitchen tool!

I chose to make my favorite chocolate no-bake cookie bites just to see how well the heat technology worked, and you guys!!! It made this already easy recipe SO MUCH easier! 

The hand mixer melts chocolate, butter, etc. right in the mixing bowl rather than having to pre-heat it in the microwave or over the stove. Life changing! It will be a huge time saver with the holidays just around the corner! 

Since it still feels like Summer, I really haven't done too much to decorate for Fall just yet.  I did do a little updating to my dough bowl though. Last year, I opted to fill it with various decor and real pumpkins (see it here). This year I wanted to do something a little less busy. 

How cute are these little plush pumpkins?! I have been eyeing plush pumpkins forever. I had seen a plush pumkin set at T.J. Maxx that was adorable, and a few velvet options on Etsy there were just what I had in mind too. But the price of these couldn't be beat! 

Wait for it...

$1! Yes, each pumpkin was only a dollar! 

Target's Dollar Spot will never do you wrong. 

They had tons of colors in warm and cool tones. I wish I had taken a picture of them all to share.

I haven't finished putting it all together, but you get the idea. I used most of my cotton stems on another project, and I ran out of pinecone filler. This dough bowl is huge so it needs a little more. 

Until then though, at least it's starting to look a teeny tiny bit like Fall...somewhere. 

And that wraps up my favorites for the week! Happy weekend y'all, and stay tuned because next week we have a TON of fun things going on and we can't wait to share!

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