Tuesday, August 25, 2015

3.0 - A Teeny Tiny Surprise

Life is so funny sometimes, and often at times I am reminded that as much as I would like to be able to predict the future and plan everything to a tee, I am ultimately not in charge. And that totally is a good thing!

The last few months have been a great blessing and reminder of that. Somewhere during our Jamaican vacation the course that our little family had been planning took a turn. Midway through the week, I began to feel a little odd and had this continuous nausea.

My thoughts varied:
- "Hmm...had I imbibed in too many of those delicious fruity frozen drinks by the pool?"
- "Maybe I have food poisoning?"
- "Could I be sick?"
- "Am I dehydrated? It is rather hot out."
- "Something in the pool water? Looking around there are a lot of kids here..."
- "Maybe it was the water on the island? I've heard about those things. Maybe I should stick with fruity frozen drinks."
- "Wait a minute...what was really in that coconut filled with rum?!?"

I shared my concerns with Mr. Cute, and we both denied to ask the question we were really thinking... "Could I be pregnant?!?"

The odds of that actually happening were so small looking at past history, but this wasn't my first rodeo and I had felt similar feelings before. Five times before to be exact, so it was hard to deny. With both of our children we experienced fertility issues. Not to the degree of some women out there experience, but in its own sense it was a long devastating road before we were blessed with either of The Cutes.

So clearly, I couldn't be pregnant. Could I???

The moment we stepped foot back into our home from our tropical vacation, Mr. Cute did a reverse in the driveway and headed out to buy a pregnancy test. We were both only home for a day before I left for a beach trip with my family so the suspense was killing us. If I wasn't pregnant we needed to figure out what was wrong.

Well a mere 15 seconds into the two minute wait we got our answer.

Huh? Well, this is new. We did nothing to get here. Well, you know what I mean...

I was leaving in less than 36 hours, so we decided I would still go to the beach with the kids and not worry. Whatever happens will happen, and we will see what our doctor says when we get back.

The Monday after we arrived home, we made our way to my doctor. We sat in his office, and he joked with us about how he was just as surprised as we were when he received the phone call requesting an appointment. The joking ceased for a brief moment when we received the results from my in office test and it came back as negative. We prepped ourselves - we had been down this road before, and again counted our blessings as this was a surprise and we already have two children we are very thankful for at home.

Well five seconds later, during the ultrasound he then said, "Must have been a bad test because not only are you pregnant, but you are really pregnant."

The looks on our faces must have been priceless because he quickly said, "I mean pregnant as in farther along that I thought - there's only one."

While twins would be so fun the thought that we could be surprised with two babies instead of just one was mind blowing in those few moments. My type A personality instantly did a multitude of planning on those mere seconds ("We'd have to move or do a renovation.", "We can name them rhyming names - wahoo!", "Holy cow we are going to need a cargo van...well really matching Suburbans."). Mr. Cute's thoughts probably reflected more of, "Don't pass out. Don't pass out."

Now here we are a few months later and have confirmed multiple times that The Magnolia Mamas will be expanding by one this winter.

The Cutes are very excited about 3.0's pending arrival and can't wait to see what he or she will be. Cute has been very vocal that he would like a big brother to be born who will camp with him, play baseball, and wants to chase animals. Last I checked giving birth to five year old instant play mates wasn't possible...but then again, I'm not in charge.

I can't wait to share this journey with everyone, and we are beyond excited to see what is in store for our little family over the next few months.

{ At the 16wk mark. Ignore the tired hot mess look, but seriously...I'm a tired hot mess. }
Now I'm off to re-purchase all those baby items we got rid of last year...

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  1. Aw how exciting!!!! Congrats! I actually thought you probably were...there was a picture in one of your posts the other day where I thought I spied a tiny baby bump ;)

    1. Thank you! Yes, it was beginning to be hard to hide in pics. I went from "she ate a lot of donuts" to "she's gotta be pregnant" pretty quick ;)

  2. Congratulations! Very exciting! I love reading your posts so I'm already looking forward to this journey with you. lol! I'm having flashbacks to last year being in your spot!

    1. Thank you Ashleigh! Haha! I'm still trying to wrap my mind around this. ;)

  3. Yay!! This is wonderful news. You aren't far behind me! I'd say we could compare belly bumps but with me having TWO that wouldn't be fair! ;) praying for a healthy pregnancy!

    1. Thank you Cory! No I'm right at 17wks I think. And no it wouldn't be fair...I'm large and in charge and you look great for having twins!

  4. Wow, Jen! That's so exciting! Congratulations! I got rid of all my baby stuff a couple of months ago- I wish I could have passed it all on to you. Hopefully, with this new gig, you'll be able to test a lot of cool new products :) Nothing like a surprise pregnancy to keep things exciting!

  5. Thank you Allison! The hubby actually said, "If we have three, why not go for four. " :) At that point I'd need to seek your advice and join you for some liquid sanity. :)


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