Friday, July 10, 2015

Hilton Head {Part 3}

Happy Friday everyone! Today I will share one of my favorite days on our Hilton Head trip. We did a little something new this trip, and I can't wait to share how excited it made one of The Cutes! 

A trip to Hilton Head Island isn't complete without a visit Harbour Town. Harbour Town is probably one of the more popular tourist attractions in Hilton Head. The infamous lighthouse and its pristine golf course are known world wide. 

The yacht basin is fun to see and do a little boat dreaming. 

 There are tons of rocking chairs set up around the yacht basin to sit in and just simply enjoy the view. We love getting our afternoon dinner ice cream and just relaxing while watching the boats for awhile. 

Barbour Town has a ton of great restaurants and little boutique type shops to visit. There is always some sort of live entertainment going on or activities for kids, as well as a HUGE playground for children to play on. Mommy might have even found a store that sells Lilly. And she might have had to bring home a little something or two. 

The ladies at S.M. Bradford & Co. were super sweet and thought The Cutes were so fun. They even shared lollipops with them as I was checking out for how well behaved they were being in the store. I guess if you call Little Cute well behaved as she ran around trying on every shoe and grabbing every Lilly item she possibly could well behaved I will take it.

The new experience we tried in Habour Town was a pirate trip. I had taken a few boat tours out of the Harbour, but someone suggested taking the pirate tour and I could not thank them enough. I chose a tour that departed just before dinner and surprised Cute the day  of. He was a little hesitant at first, but the moment he saw the actual pirate ship he was beyond excited. 

The cast members of the tour do an excellent pre-prep job of making each child feel special and doing an entire pirate transformation. Each child gets a special pirate name, gets to choose a costume, and gets a pirate tattoo and face painting. Swords are also available for purchase for $5, but I learned they also have a few extra available on the boat for children to borrow. 

The little pirates went through a quick crash course of pirate school and then were allowed to board the pirate ship with their parents for a treasure hunt. 

The pirate adventure was very interactive and the cast members made sure each child was able to participate in something. That doesn't mean parents just sat back and relaxed though. Several parents were also chosen to be part of the treasure hunt and it was tons of fun. 

I laughed when I looked back at my photos and found this "pirate selfie". They had used my phone at the "map app" finder and I am guessing they snuck this in. So funny!

Cute's favorite part by far was getting to shoot the water canons that are on each side of the boat at the treasure stealing pirate - Pirate Stinky Pete. 

His second favorite part was getting picked to kiss and save the girl pirate from Stinky Pete's curse. 

The pirate cruise included a series of clues that lead to different treasures hidden in the water that they had to find on the map. The children loved this and the final clue lead them to a huge treasure chest. 

Each little pirate was allowed to get a huge handful from the chest to take home with them. Cute loved the entire experience from start to finish and I was so excited to see how into it he was. The pirate tour was great for both girls and boys of all ages. I would say the youngest participant I saw was about two and the oldest I saw was about 12. 

After such an adventure we worked up quite the appetite. We headed to meet Little Cute and the rest of my family at one of my favorite Harbour Town restaurants. The Quarter Deck is delicious and located right next to the lighthouse. I enjoyed the grilled chicken sandwich and it was just what the pirates ordered. 

The live entertainment was also excellent and featured some of our favorite summer tunes, both old and new. 

We did a little more relaxing and then enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the beach before heading back to the condo to wrap up the end of our trip. 

If making a trip to Hilton Head Island, Harbour Town should definitely be on your check list. With it's many restaurant and wonderful atmosphere it is a great spot, and even during busy season very enjoyable. 

We miss Hilton Head already and can't wait to plan our next trip there soon! 

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