Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hilton Head {Part 2}

Most days of our trip to Hilton Head Island we woke up and went straight to our spot beach side. The Cutes wasted no time hopping in the waves the moment we got there, and I was shocked at the fact they literally both have no fear. Luckily it was close to 100 degrees so I didn't mind wrangling in their adventurous sides as long as we were in cool blue ocean water. 

 Our evenings we frequented some of mommy's favorite spots. First order of business was South Beach Marina. The South Beach area has changed so much since I was younger, but there are some staples that are just the same.

The Land's End Tavern is always a delicious option with an atmosphere perfect for children. Decorated in kind of a pirate theme the kids always think it is a blast. 

The trip though we opted for the infamous Salty Dog Cafe. The Salty Dog was a smaller dock side cafe and t-shirt shop when I was growing up and now it has grown into a large portion of South Beach Marina. The original Salty Dog Cafe doesn't take reservations and there is continually a long wait, especially during busy season. The Wreck of the Salty Dog is just around the corner on the water from it's original counter part and serves the same food so we opted for that this trip since we wouldn't have to wait. 

The kids thought it was hilarious that they had life size statues everywhere, and even one of Jake - the  whole name sake behind the Salty Dog empire. 

Cute also informed me this is his favorite bird, and he needed to come home with us. Sorry buddy, Mr. Pelican is going to have to stay. 

There are tons of delicious options on the menu and I absolutely LOVE their hushpuppies. Sorry I didn't take a pic...they don't last long. For dinner I ordered the cajun chicken and shrimp pasta, and it was worth every indulging calorie. Keeping up with my two littles on the beach, I needed to carb load. 

Each evening in the plaza they have entertainment. The earlier entertainment is always for the children and it is so fun. Some nights its a musician and some nights its a magician, and each performer makes sure to have tons of child interaction for their show so the littles love it. They also usually have chalkboards kids can draw on, face painting and a few other fun side things for children to do.

After taking in the magician after dinner, we headed to the infamous Salty Dog t-shirt shop. They original shop is above the ice cream shop, but there is a larger store just off the plaza. The store has a few resident macaws in the back that you can talk to. 

During the day they are sometimes outside in the plaza to visit, but in the evenings they are usually in the store. There is a large observing area and its always fun to see them. 

And speaking of ice cream, we couldn't end the visit with out a scoop or two from the Salty Dog Ice Cream shop. They have tons of flavors and great milkshakes, and it is just as delicious as it was when I was a child. 

The Cutes concur. 

After a long day of beachside fun, and a yummy dinner and show you would think our little crew would be done, but the fun doesn't stop there. 

In the evenings, Cute enjoyed playing golf with grandpa for a few holes. This was the perfect time of day to play (other than first thing in the morning) because of how hot it was, and they both stayed out swinging their irons until it was too dark to see your ball. 

It was always so cute to watch from our condo, and I love that Cute gets to enjoy such a fun activity with my dad. 

Hilton Head has so much to offer for everyone and I can't wait to share even more fun with you tomorrow. 

What is your favorite beachside activity? 

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