Monday, July 13, 2015

Share Your Summer: Summer Schedule

We loved seeing everyone's fabulous Red White and Blue summer shares last week. If you want a little peek at 4th of July cuteness seriously check it out. 

Today's Share Your Summer is all about your summer schedule. I can happily say that we have enjoyed a summer filled with NO SCHEDULE. It has been blissful to say the least. 

We've had a few activities here and there as well as a beach trip or two thrown in, but for the most part we wake up each day with the freedom to enjoy whatever we like. After a school year of "go, go go!" it has been a welcome break. 

We do have somewhat a daily routine and I will share that with you guys in all its boring gloriousness. :)

Usually Cute is our early riser, and when school isn't in session he usually sleeps until 7:30a.m. He and I eat our breakfast and enjoy a cartoon or two before Little Cute makes her appearance. She is our resident late sleeper and usually graces us with her presence somewhere around 9:00.m. 

Once everyone has eaten we usually suit up, lotion up, and make our way to the pool. Some days I pack my usual bag and some days I include our lunch so we can swim straight through to nap time. The Cutes love the pool and usually have no problem swimming for hours.

If we schedule a playdate, we usually try to plan it for the AM before it gets too hot. Although lately all times of day are hot. 

Our afternoons tend to be pretty boring. Little Cute still naps so usually we put her happily to sleep after a busy morning, and Cute and I do house chores or stay in the basement playroom to play. Sometimes Cute needs a quick break as well though and then the whole house enjoys a quiet nap time. Those days are rare, but much welcomed.

We usually eat dinner around 5:30 - 6:00p.m. each night and then we try to take the party outside. It is usually still hot, but at least bearable. The Cutes enjoy playing on the playground, biking, blowing bubbles, water balloon fights and just generally enjoying carefree summer nights. 

And that's not complete without a scoop of ice cream or a popsicle or two occasionally. :) 

And there you have it, our non-existent schedule. We will be savoring it for the next few weeks before school starts. I know that Carrie Beth and I are both in denial that summer is nearly over. 

Now it's your turn. Share your summer schedule with us. Do you have a busy routine, or are you enjoying carefree summer days?

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