Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Baseball Room {Update}

Last spring I shared my ideas for transforming Boo-Boo's room from a nautical theme to the baseball room he was requesting.  My little guy is baseball obsessed (well, really he is obsessed with any sport, but baseball seems to be the top of the list).  

Because baseball tryouts are next week I figured it was finally time to share the progress of the room.  
It still isn't done and that is why I haven't shared it up to this point.  If I'm being honest, I'm dragging my feet on getting the last finishing touches completed. However, I felt like an update was due. Also, I'm hoping this might be the just the thing to make me finally finish those last few things. 

What I Did 
I wanted it to be a pretty easy and inexpensive transition I kept all of his bedding and furniture the same and just switched out the accessories/decor items.  

All of the bedding for his room was navy with some sailboat shams and I had nautical flags hanging above his bed. 

I just switches those out for solid navy shams and we changed the nautical flags to a sign with his name. 

Those wooden letters were actually some I made before he was even born!  

They use to be green on navy boards in his nursery and since we moved to our new house they had just been sitting in the top of his closet. I took the letters off and painted them red and glued them back to the navy boards.  Then the Mr. helped me attach them to a larger wooden board and hang it above his bed. 

Using some of those same wooden boards the Mr. made shelves using brackets so I could put a bunch of fun baseball related stuff on them. 

These wooden boards were actually part of some built-in shelving that was in the original home we bought before the rebuild, so I love that we saved them and ended up using them for shelves all over our house. 

I found some fun baseball stuff for the shelves at all sorts of places like Hobby Lobby and Goodwill. 

I also used a lot of things we already had like a picture from when he got his first ever game ball and his first baseball trophy! 

One of my favorite things in the room is his red wire basket of special baseballs.  Some are autographed by the Braves and others are games balls he has received. I always write on each of the game balls and include the date, his team name, uniform number that season and maybe something special that he did to get the ball.  I will say those special ones he got for something like catching his fist pop fly during a game or hitting his first home run are proudly displayed! 

A funny little note about his dresser.  It was actually was used as a changing table for my brothers and I when we were little and then I painted it and used it as changing table for both Blondie and Boo-Boo.  I switched the knobs out for these baseball knobs and love the little detail it adds. 

On his dresser sits a baseball lamp I found at Hobby Lobby (similar here).  

Also, I repurposed a tray left over from the nautical room and it now holds all sorts of goodies and treasures he may toss in there.  That Braves mug is one my dad sent him along with a baseball from the 1995 season when the Braves won the World Series!!!  My dad and brother have always been big Braves fans so it was such a special addition for his room. 

What's Left To Do 
There are really only two things left I want to do for his room. I'd love to add a whole gallery wall with some action shots similar to this.  

I'm hoping to use some photos I already have and get a photographer friend come help with some more photos this season. 

The other thing I really want to add in his room is a desk. He has a small lego table that he rarely plays with anymore. Instead I'd love to replace it with a desk, or better yet, something built in similar to this find on Pinterest. 

So there you have it...the update of the baseball room!  Maybe by the end of this baseball season I'll have it finished and will be able to share those last little bits. Or maybe not considering baseball season is usually pretty busy for us, but one can hope, right!? 

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