Friday, January 26, 2018

Things We Love {Apple Watch}

A few years ago when the Apple Watch just came out I surprised the Mr. with one for Christmas and also got the kids VTech Smart Watches.  At the time I didn't think I would ever really be interested in having an Apple watch to replace my regular watches, but boy was I wrong.

Jen bought herself an Apple Watch as a Valentine's gift last year and kept telling me how much she loved it.  So much so that she named it her favorite thing to wear for 2017.

After seeing a lot of people around me start to wear them I decided I might want to give it a go.  I thought about asking for one for Mother's Day, but then my favorite Barrington Bag won out because I knew I would love it and just wasn't sure if I would love a smart watch.

Then the Mr. was at a golf tournament this summer and won an Apple watch there. He texted me to ask if I wanted it before he chose another gift and I replied with a big YES!!!  I started wearing it this summer and haven't looked back.

Now, I still wear my regular watches if I'm getting dressed up or wearing a nicer outfit, but I would say I wear my Apple watch more often than not.  I know there are probably a million things it does that I still am not aware of, but thought it would be fun to share how we use ours, some pros and cons we think about it and get some tips from some of you for how you like to use yours!


 What I love: 
1. That it's waterproof.  I can wear it anywhere and not worry. I wore it in the pool, the lake, the ocean and even down water slides and not once did it mess up.
2. That my hands are free and I don't have my phone on me most of the day.
3. That I can quickly text a response without typing. It's way more accurate than my iPhone.
4. That I can ping my iPhone. I put my phone down so much or the kids take off with it and I have no clue where it is. I love I can use my watch to find it and I have used this a ton!

(For those of you who don't know how to do this. When you are on your home screen, just swipe up and press the little symbol that looks like a phone with parenthesis around it.)

5. That it keep me accountable. Love that I can see how many steps/calories/heart rate during my workouts.
6. That I can use my watch as a nightstand clock. This came in handy while traveling and we didn't have a clock in our room. We were able to just put it on the charger and use it in this mode as our room clock. A tiny one, but in the middle of the night it worked well.
7. That in an emergency I can pay for things through my watch. I've only used this once when I forgot my wallet, but it was so helpful!

What I don't love: 
1. Battery life - I wish it lasted longer.
2. The calories burned/heart rate sometimes is inconsistent.


I'll be honest, some of the stuff Jen told me I didn't even know you could do with it.  She taught me a thing or two, which was the whole idea behind this post in the first place, so hoping it helps someone else, also!

What I love: 
1. That I can set the face to show what I want to know. I have mine on Modular mode and customized it to see the things I care about. I love that I can see the time, date, temperature, weather and my activity levels all on the same screen! 

2. The timer built in on my wrist. I probably use this feature the most of all. If the kids have to read for a certain amount of time or practice math facts for 5 minutes I can set the timer on my watch and then let them know when they are done. Also, if I'm cooking and set the timer on the oven I can also set it on my watch so I can run upstairs to do laundry or something and know when the timer goes off so nothing accidentally burns!  I also set it so it reminds me when to leave for the bus stop in the afternoon. I get busy working on the blog or putting away laundry and then the time I am supposed to leave can sometimes sneak up on me!  

3. Being able to get texts on my watch, especially when I'm busy with the kids. I can quickly glance at it and see if I need to respond right away or if it can wait. 
4. I use my maps app for directions all the time and the directions show up on my watch. It notifies me when I need to get ready to make a turn. So helpful when I'm diving and don't want to glance down at my phone. 
5. Being able to keep up with my activity levels. Seeing how many calories I burn, time I exercise, etc. and trying to complete those little activity rings. It's eyeopening because some days I think I'm more active that I actually am and other days that just seem like a regular day I meet all my goals. 

What I don't love: 
1. I wish the range was a little better. Sometimes if I have my phone in the house and I'm outside playing with the kids it won't work.  Also, if I'm in the basement or far away from my phone in the house it won't connect. 


1. I really want to get some new bands for my watch. I think I'd like the navy, gray, black or tan and be able to switch them out.  

2. My white band gets dingy looking, but a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is the best way I've found to make it super white again. 

3. I also love this leopard one (and it is under $15)!!! This might be going into my Amazon cart!

4. Even though my watch is waterproof I'm afraid to get it wet!  Is that crazy?!  Jen uses her watch in the water all the time.  My mother-in-law uses hers at the lake a lot and it is so handy.  She can be in the water and her phone in the boat and she can see who is calling or texting. Maybe this summer I'll get brave enough to get in the water with mine. I don't know what is wrong with me...just don't want to ruin it! 

Do you have an Apple Watch?  What are you favorite things about it? 
Please share any tips or tricks with us!!!  

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