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How to Transition Your Beauty Routine for Fall & Winter

How to transition your beauty routine for fall and winter

Fall is in full swing and Winter is just around the corner. Just like our wardrobes have changed, our beauty routines have changed too! It seems the minute the temps drop, and the heat gets turned out, our skin starts to crave a crazy amount of moisture. We tend to ramp up our skincare routines this time of year to counteract the harsh elements of cold and drying heat.

Otherwise we begin to look like a patchy alligator, and as we all know, that's a big no no on multiple levels.

This is Bulldog country.

We'll own at least our big smooth, moisturized wrinkles.

Today we thought it would be fun to dish like good girlfriends do, and share our beauty tips and tricks on how we transition our beauty routines in the Fall and Winter. We'll share ours and along the way we hope you share yours too! We are lacking in a few areas, and would love a few product suggestions if you have ones!

Amazing list of beauty and skincare products for fall and winter

How to Transition Your Beauty Routine for Fall & Winter


Cooler weather means drier skin so we are constantly trying to moisturize like crazy.  From our faces, bodies and even our lips!

We've shared this lip conditioner before, but it is the perfect alternative to a sticky chapstick and we love the sheer feel to it. Plus, the tiniest hint of peppermint scent is amazing and perfect for winter!

Another thing that we aren't always as good about in the cooler months is still remembering to apply sunscreen to ourselves and our kids!  Especially our sports loving kids that spend hours in the sun. Our favorite, hands down, is this Beautycounter stick sunscreen.  The kids love it because it goes on sheer and doesn't leave their faces all white. Plus, the stick makes it easy for a quick application on them and us! 

For everyday use though, we tend to lean towards the Protect All Over Sunscreen. Just a thin little layer before applying our make up and we've done what we can to protect our skin against the harsh rays of the sun. And let's be honest...we're doing everything we can these days to try to combat those pesky signs of aging.

Which brings us to our heavy hitting skincare line up...

This little combo is our current defense against aging. It's inevitable. We know it's going to happen, but until it does we are doing what we can to keep our skin rocking that youthful glow. Especially when stress, lack of sleep, and our love of cocktails are things that aren't going to go away anytime soon. #momlife

Without boring you with a ton of details, let's just say you need these in your life. We've gone through a ton of products, but these seem to be the best combo, especially at keeping moisture and a healthy glow through the Winter months.

  • SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum - Has tons of great reviews and can back them up. It does an excellent job of brightening and firming, and after a short period of use noticed right away finer lines looked minimized or non-existent. Pricy but worth it. 
  • Derma E Radiant Glow Face Oil - Gives an amazing instant youthful glow. We were given the chance to try it last year, and fell in love. Use it during the day after serum and before moisturizing. (Bonus: super inexpensive and smells amazing!) 
  • Rejuvenating Radiance Serum - Love, love, love! Give it a few weeks, but your skin is firmer and feels better after extended use. 
  • Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion - We were given a tube of this to try a few months ago and instantly fell in love. It adapts to your skins needs and it makes your skin feel like it just took in a huge drink of water. Use this as your last line of anti-aging defense before make-up and to seal in oils. 

The last winter skincare must have on our list is hand lotion! All that constant hand washing and drying with cold air makes our hands so chapped. This hand lotion by Derma E is the absolute best! You can use it on any part of your body for a good hit of moisture. But it isn't thick or sticky, smells great, and feels like instant relief.

Another great lotion that smells amazing is the body butter from EVER. We chatted a little bit about it here, but Lavish is still one of our favorite all time moisturizing products. 


We are all about some sparkle and shine when it comes to make up this time of year...especially when we have holiday parties, events and get togethers to attend.  

This Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Classic has tons of great shades for fall and we love how it goes on so effortlessly. We've been using a mix of Ivory, Copper and Sahara as everyday colors, and then for nighttime or when we want to ramp it up a little bit more we use the Cinnamon and the Penny. The Penny is ah-mazing!! It looks so good on! We have completely different skin tones and this palette looks fabulous on both of us. 

Because of dryer air and trying our best to keep our skin well moisturized, we tend to use creams vs. powders for a lot of our make-up products.

This cream blush in Pale Pink has been a long time favorite, and as long as Bobby Brown still makes it we will still be buying it. It will be a sad sad day if they ever discontinue it.

This cream highlighter is on our short list to buy. We love that it is a stick and have heard phenomenal things about it. If any of you have tried it we would love to hear your opinions about it!!

Bold red lip color done right!

For lips we tend to go both bold and neutral in the cooler months. Our skin isn't rocking that summer tan anymore and we feel like a little pop of color goes a long way in brightening our faces.

Our favorite neutral colors are...

Our favorite bold colors are...


Summer in the south means tons of humidity, but as the temperatures drop in fall and winter so does the humidity...thank goodness!  Our hair LOVES the drier air and it makes styling it SO much easier. One product we both use and love is this Moroccan Oil Root Boost. It is AMAZING for helping give you a little extra umpf and volume. 

In the warmer months out of the year we tend to let our hair dry, or because we are at the pool/beach/lake a ton we rarely do much with it. In the Winter months we can't stand wet damp hair when it's freezing cold. So we are using more heat products. More heat products means more damage. In comes one of our magic hair secrets is...

Coconut Oil! This coconut oil has a crazy ton of uses in our homes (best eye makeup remover ever!), but it works as a great hair mask as well. Just a little dab on your damp ends over night and voilá - shinier, moisturized hair. 


As we move into the cooler months we like to change things up with our nails and go a little darker. Deep reds, dark blues, grays, purples, golds and even black! 

Some of our favorites are this iridescent shade called For the Twill of It. It's either gray, purple or sort of green depending on how the light hits it.

Also, this deep burgundy called Wicked is super shiny and so pretty!

And these are in constant rotation throughout the Fall and Winter too! 

From left to right...

That wraps up our beauty favorites for Fall and Winter. Hopefully you found some of them helpful. And feel free to email us and ask any questions you might have about any of them!

Now share with us - what are some of your favorite Fall and Winter beauty tips and tricks? What is the number one product you use in Winter? Share with us!

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