Monday, November 26, 2018

Tween Girl Gift Guide

Thanksgiving break is behind us and that means we are in full blown Christmas mode now.  Our decorations are up, our trees are trimmed and the shopping has begun!

When my girls were little they would be excited about the latest American Girl catalog arriving so they could circle all their favorites and wish for what Santa would bring them. My oh my how times have changed. Now I get texts from them with links to specific items they want.  A part of me misses those days of a catalog and marker, but I will say it is nice to have specific links to shop from.  I like knowing for sure that I'm getting what they want.  I have no shortage of ideas for them this year and they are probably the easiest ones on my list to shop for!

I put together a quick little Tween Girl Gift Guide in case any of you are in search of the perfect gift for the tween in your life. Maybe a niece, neighbor, friend or daughter that you just aren't quite sure what to get.  Heck, Half the things on their list could easily be on my list, too!  They have nice taste!

1. Water Bottles - They carry water bottles with them everyday to school and sports, so having a new one is always fun.  Their favorites are Swell, Corcksicle, or this Contigo style. 

2. Wireless Headphones - They are constantly listing to their music or watching YouTube videos!  

3. Vans - How very hip of them, right? Vans aren't just for skaters anymore.  All the kids are wearing these now. 

4. Sherpa Pullovers - We shared about these pullovers a while back and the kids still love them.  At this price, I'm going to grab them another and throw a monogram on it! 

5. Facial Cleansing Brush - Never too early to start practicing good skincare practices.  Plus, these make washing your face fun! 

6. Caboodles - They are back!  I remember my caboodle and when I saw these were making a comeback I couldn't wait to introduce my girls to the organizational goodness.  I can just imagine them getting all of their hair and makeup stuff in all the little compartments. 

7. Kendra Scott Necklace - Talk about nice taste, right?!  I love that my oldest loves jewelry though and the birthstone line is perfect for girls this age.  Plus, it will be a special piece they can wear into their teen years. 

8. Flair pens - It's way more fun to take notes and do homework with fun pens! 

9. Uggs - A pricey item, but the quality can't be beat and the comfort is top notch. Did you know Dick's Sporting Goods carries Uggs? I didn't until last week and today they have 25% off your order including the Uggs!  If you are thinking of purchasing now is definitely the time! 

10. Grab and Go Hair Ties - The latest in a ponytail holder! 

11. Crocs - I know. I thought the same thing.  These can't possibly be coming back, but they are!  All the middle schoolers are sporting Crocs with charms. My kids wore these when they were little and I can't believe they are making a comeback. Amazon has at the best price I've been able to find! 

12. Vera Bradley - Something that doesn't go out of style is Vera Bradley!  From backpacks to lunch boxes and crossbody bags to makeup pouches...they'll love it all! 

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