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Book Club: October

Happy Hotober friends! Can you even believe it's October? It doesn't feel like it, but our calendar keeps saying to us, "It's official, Fall has arrived!"

September was a fun month, it was like extended Summer. Even more so because we both had Fall Break thrown in the mix, which we promptly celebrated at the beach. 

And when there's beach in our lives, there's books. Which brings us to today's post...

BOOK CLUB! We'll get right to it because already October is shaping up to be a busy one. It's our five year blog-iversary and we have all sorts of fun things planned for YOU this month so continue to be on the look out! 

But first, grab your wine and let's chat all things books. 



First up for me is something I'm reading with my daughter...

We've gotten into a routine of reading together most nights. You see, she doesn't love to read so I have been trying to find a book that would excite her and keep her wanting to flip the pages.  I loved reading the Harry Potter series when I was in college and tried to get my oldest to read the books a few years ago, but she just didn't dig it.  I suggested it to my other daughter a few weeks ago and she resisted, but I told her I would read it with her so she liked the idea of that.  We began reading it, alternating pages and she was sucked in like I remember being when I first read it.  She's excited to finish the first book so we can watch the movie and then start on book number two!

This month I got back on the Audible train and I'm loving it. Listening back to back to back every chance I get.  I read Class Mom by Laurie Gleman last year and thought it was cute so decided to give her next book in the series a try.  You've Been Volunteered follows along with the same characters and revolves around volunteering at school for PTA duties.  As a current Co-President of our school's PTA I could 100% relate to this book. It was cute and had me nodding in agreement throughout the book.  Like Gleman's first book, I thought it was cute and entertaining and probably something most moms who volunteer at school could relate to. 

My next listen of the month was Meet Cute by Helena Hunting.  I have read/listened to some of her books before and I have to say they are definitely rated R with tons of romance scenes.  This book was not at all like the other Hunting books I had read.  There were some rated R love scenes, but the book definitely didn't revolve around them and there was much more of a developed plot and characters in this one.  I loved it!  The story was about a young man who suddenly becomes the guardian of his 13 year old sister and his struggles with adjusting to being thrown in that role.  He reconnects with an old friend who helps in a big way with both his and the 13 year old girls' adjustment during this time and they end up falling in love.  It was a sweet story that I would definitely recommend. 

My reading this month was a little all over the board. I snuck in more reading than normal thanks to a Fall Break vacation that combined itself with a stomach bug. Needless to say all there was to do was read, sleep and pray we would all survive. 

The Last Time I Saw You by Liv Constantine

First up...Liv Constantine's The Last Time I Saw You. Last year I read The Last Mrs. Parrish and loved it, so when I saw she came out with a new one I was excited to see if she had another good one. I like her style of writing because her books seem more of a guessing game/whodunit than psychological creepy. She gives you characters that you don't necessarily love off the bat, but in the end you kind of start to champion. Does that makes sense? The Last Time I Saw you was good, and I loved the twist in the end. I think I liked The Last Mrs. Parrish just a little bit more, but this is a great one to put on your list if you like this sort of genre.

Okay, The Rest of the Story is one of those books I picked up because of the cute cover and just skimmed the synopsis quickly before throwing it in my cart. It was in the adult reading section, but after a few chapters in I realized this was a Young Adult novel. In the end it didn't matter though. It was such an adorable, sweet story, and quite possibly one of my favorites I've read all year. If you like your books a little more G-rated and are looking for a great novel to feel good about in the end, then I definitely recommend this one.

Third for the month was The Dinner List. This book has been on my nightstand for almost a year. I feel like tons of people were talking about it so I decided to give it a go...but never did. I'm not entirely sure what to think of this book. I liked the idea of it, and definitely thought it was a unique story, but about halfway through I was like, "Okay let's get to the point? Is this a dream? Real? Why all the weird drama?". Then towards the end, I began to appreciate the novel. It's centered around the idea of that game of "name five people you would want at your dream dinner", and flashes back and forth from present day to past about why one of the characters was asked to dinner. In the end it kind of all raps up in like one sentence. Most people loved this book, so maybe give it a try or sound off in the comments because I'm still kind of torn about it.

Last up for the Month, was Secrets of a Shoe Addict.  Going to warn you about this one up front that it contains rated "R" material, but it also made me laugh out loud several times. It follows a group of women on a band trip with their kids in Las Vegas, and the repercussions of some wild decisions they made there. Each one arrives home with a sum of money they need to make quickly, and they turn to each other for help. I brought this to the beach with me and it was a quick, light and fun read - just what a beach read should be. It's also part of a series, and if they are just as funny as this one then I might be getting some more Beth Harbison books in the future. 



I have just started listening to The Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmer.  This is not the type of book I am usually drawn to. I don't really care for historical fiction because I prefer to "feel" when I read books and not have to "think" too much.  However, this one is told through present and past tense so it keeps my attention and had me hooked from the beginning!  I can't wait to hear more and share about it next month! 


I started listening to The Turn of the Key on Audible a few weeks ago and am only about halfway through. So this is what I'm going to put down as my first read of October. So far it's everything an October novel should be...suspenseful, mentions of a ghost, and all sorts of making you not want to sleep at night.

What should we put on our reading lists next? 


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