Thursday, August 1, 2019

Book Club: August

Sorry we've been MIA this week friends. We've been in the throws of back-to-school prep and today marks the first day of the new school year. 

Where did Summer go?!

We feel like we blinked and just like that - it was gone! 

We don't know about you, but we could have snuck another pool day and a fruity drink or two into the mix. There's just something wrong about doing back-to-school things in July. 

But...being back-to-school means being back to a routine. And back to a routine means a little more time for the blog. ;) 

We have tons of fun things planned for you guys this month! Kicking it all off is one of our favorite posts to do...BOOK CLUB! 



My intentions were good this Summer. I had books ready to go, recommendations I wanted to get to, Audibles on the ready...and then I realized all my poolside reading time was just a distant dream. So check back in next month because now kids are in school and that means I'll be logging all the taxi Audible hours. 

With the aide of my kids current obsession with all things Percy Jackson and an adult only beach trip, I managed to read three books in July. And one of them might be a contender for favorite of the year! 

When it comes to Summer give me all the beach reads. Mary Kay Andrews is one of my go-to authors, and when she releases a new book I always save it for a beach trip. Sunset Beach is her latest novel. It was a good mix of mystery, romance, and coastal south that I love. I wasn't sure at first that I was going to enjoy this one because I just couldn't get into any of the characters. It took a few chapters in for me to like any of them. The story line kept me intrigued, and I grew to enjoy each one as the book progressed. That Mary Kay - she never disappoints. If you are looking for a quick and easy beach read Sunset Beach is perfect! 

Next up is a book I grabbed on a whim at a library visit with the kids. It took me a few chapters to get into it, but once I did I couldn't put it down. Something Like Happy follows the story of Annie and her newfound friendship with Polly. Annie has been stuck in a rut following a family tragedy, a divorce, a betrayal, and her mother's illness. Polly comes along and shakes things up with her 100 days of Happiness project. This book made me feel a million emotions and currently would put it as one of my favorite for the year! If you enjoyed books like Me Before You then this book is right up your alley. If it wasn't a library book I would have immediately passed this one to Carrie Beth and all my friends and told them to read it ASAP so we could all talk about it. But now you read it so we can all talk about it! 

Last up for the month was a psychological thriller from our Best Books of Summer list. Okay, so The Last Resort is one of those books I can't decide if I liked or not. The plot follows several couples as they head to a two week marriage counseling retreat at a resort in Mexico. Each couple has a major secret, and as the story moves forward you learn the therapists do too. A hurricane comes into play and everything comes to the surface right at the end. I enjoyed the pace of the book and how parts of it kept you guessing, but there just something about it that I can't put my finger on that I was kind of "meh" about. I know, real descriptive right? It was different than most books in this category so if you are looking for a refreshing psychological thriller maybe put this one on your list.  


I started reading Slightly South of Simple a few months ago, and got through a few chapters. I'm enjoying it and want to finish it so I think I might download the Audible to close it out. Stay tuned...

In honor of the new school year, I'm kicking off the month with You've Been Volunteered. I really enjoyed reading Laurie Gelman's first book Class Mom a few years ago, and this is a sequel to that. I loved her humor, and could relate to the ultimate premise of the book even though it is fiction with a little bit of fantasy mixed in. 


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  1. I always love y’all’s book posts! Carrie Beth, I hope you love Slightly South of Simple! I think the narrators on the audiobook are really great! Happy back to school, ladies! xoxo


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