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7 Habits of A Successful Mom Boss

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Being a mom and a business owner requires a massive amount of juggling. Both roles can require 24-7 attention, and our to-do lists for either are rarely empty. Throw in keeping the house clean, spending quality time with our spouses, and maintaining a good relationship with our hair colorist (because even if grey hair is on trend right now, it's not one we're willing to get behind just yet), we rarely feel as if we're "off". The search for work-life balance is constant, and our brains feel like they are powered by the Energizer Bunny just to keep up.

It seems overwhelming, but more weeks than not it's manageable. After five years (yes, five!), we've finally found a few tricks that help us keep on top of things. Chatting with other mom bosses has helped too. We realize that there are certain habits that we all had in common that help make things run a little smoother.

7 Habits of Successful Mom Bosses
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Get Organized!
Okay, this one seems obvious, but it bares repeating! Each day we wake up and look at what's ahead and what we need to do. Next, we write it all down. A paper calendar is our best friend. That's right we said paper. We're so old school. We carry our calendars everywhere with us, and if something happens to our phone or computer our entire schedules are right in front of us.

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Plus there is something about seeing our days and weeks laid out in front of us with out the distraction of electronics. We can visualize everything we need to do, where to get people, and see where we have wiggle room for spending quality time with our loved ones. Seeing everything written down helps us limit over-scheduling and manage our day while minimizing that feeling like we are always playing catch up.

Write it Down
Our second BFF is a good old fashioned journal. Sometimes we're in the car pool line, and then "wham!", an idea just hits us. Or we pop on a last minute conference call and need to write down key details. Being able to write it down in the moment instead of trying to play recall later when our brains have a million things going on is beyond helpful.

We love these Hard Cover Notebooks from MOO. They are the best! The hard covers help maintain them from our constant wear and tear, and they have lined pages that lay flat (a key feature when you need your hands from something else but want to read from your notes!). We keep them in our bags and in our cars. We bring one into any meetings we have. There is always one with us. And because we are type A we have a whole stack of extra ones on the ready.

Don't Be Bothered By The NO
Having the ability to be okay by the word "no" is a huge key to success. Both on the receiving end and the giving ends. This was a hard one for us for awhile, but once we developed the habit of being comfortable with it, life got a little easier. If we don't have room in our schedules for something we have learned to say no, instead of piling on more stress by saying yes. If we hear no on a major project we would really love to do, we try to not let that get us down. We've learned to brainstorm about a different approach or a way to facilitate that project into a yes in a different way.

Keep in Touch
Networking is a key to success, but to be truly successful at it you have to maintain a relationship beyond that initial introduction. We keep our business cards on hand and accessible in our favorite business card holders, and make sure to exchange information on the spot. Then we follow up with everyone we meet.

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A simple email. A notecard mailed a few days later. A phone call. Even if it is something small, we try to take a proactive approach in keeping relationships moving forward.

We love being able to surprise someone with a little gift or packaging up a little extra surprise for our readers. We keep on hand stacks of branded paper products that make it easy for us to grab and send for any event. These mini cards are some of our favorites, and are perfect to use for almost any occasion. With MOO Printfinity we are able to get a different image on the back of them without any additional cost.  We love that we can customize them for business use, but with a personal touch.

Same with these sticker labels from MOO. There are so many options for both business and personal use, and we love how they let us quickly give any package a quick branded touch.

Everyone's lives are busy, and taking that extra step to be the one to keep in touch will make you stick out above peers more than taking a "sit back and wait" approach.

Even though we like to think so, we can't do everything. There just aren't enough hours in the day  sometimes. Outsource what and where you can. Is that hiring someone to clean your house one day so that you can spend your weekend enjoying it with your family? Is that ordering the cupcakes for the party instead of making them yourself? Is that hiring someone to maintain your social media accounts so you can concentrate on in person meetings more? See where you can get help in certain areas to free you up for others.

Meal Prepping
This is still a habit we need to work on, but when we do meal prep it makes things so much easier. Running from carpool, to working from home, to after school activities leaves little room for cooking. Grabbing meals on the go is convenient, but not always healthy. Meal planning not only helps alleviate the stress of "what's for dinner?", but is proven to be healthier and more budget friendly.

Show Gratitude
Showing gratitude is a habit that helps in every aspect of life. Being grateful for the opportunities that we receive, and getting the chance to show those around us that we are thankful for their continuous support...that's been the ultimate key to feeling successful.

Now what are some habits that you've found help make you a successful mom boss? Share with us! 

(Because we all want to feel ahead of the game, and nothing makes you feel more superhuman than when your home life is just as boss as your work life.)

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