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Beija Flor Jeans: The World's Best Jeans

Okay our title might be a little over selling a bit. But, trust us, today's post is all about some really really good jeans. Like we've been ruined from all other jeans. The minute we put on a pair of Beija Flor Jeans we knew we'd found the jeans of our dreams.

A few months ago, Ashley from Beija Flor contacted us about giving the jeans a try. We were intrigued when we read, "Curve friendly fits for every body type...". Those who are long time blog readers know we try to promote clothing items and brands that support women of all shapes and sizes. From yoga pants to swimsuits, and everywhere in between, we do our best to share items we feel would be a great fit for a wide range of women.

Dig a little deeper and you learn Beija Flor Jeans was created by a woman. (Makes sense that a woman would create the "world's best jeans" for women, right?!)

They claim to create a light weight, stretchy jean that (wait for it!) doesn't stretch out. All without gapping and providing an ultra slim silhouette. Read that again.

That's right - they are magic pants.

We couldn't wait to give them a try.

As we were talking to Ashley we realized it seemed like these unicorn jeans and our bodies were just meant to be. Beija Flor currently has two locations - Kiawah Island and Greenville. I (Jen) just happened to have a vacation planned for Kiawah Island. The jean goddesses wanted these jeans to be brought to our attention.

We scheduled a meeting during my trip and it was so fun to see the store, get a hands on feel for each jean style, and meet the Beija Flor team in person. And trust me when I say they know their stuff. The minute I walked in Ashley took one look at me and said, "You can try on anything you like, but I think you will love the Audrey jeans on you the most."

I left with a pair of the Audrey jeans.

I gave all the cuts a try though and it was a tough choice. I loved several of them, and as I looked back through the photos I put a few pairs in my cart that I am now kicking myself for not purchasing when I was in the store.


Here's a quick peek at four of Beija Flor's main styles, and my try-on. Keep in mind I am 5'1" and typically wear a size 0 or 2. (More so a 2 because I love tacos. And donuts. And cocktails.) But you get the idea - I'm pretty petite. So I brought Carrie Beth a pair home too. She'll represent for all our taller lady friends.

The Audrey
Suggested Body Type: All, Short Torso
Measurements: Mid-Rise with 28" inseam

The Audrey in Distressed Blue

The Audrey in Tonal Navy

Final Verdict: Loved these! The fit perfectly in every way. I sized down to a 0 in all colors except for the dark navy. At Ashley's suggestion I sized up to a 2. She said for whatever reason that color run tends to run small so go up one size.

The Kelly
Suggested Body Type: Apple, Rectangle, Long Torso
Measurements: Slightly higher mid-rise with 31" inseam (a 28" ankle inseam and 24" cropped inseam available)

The Kelly in Light Aqua

Final Verdict: These were incredibly comfy and I loved the pull on waist. We are always here for it when it comes to a "jegging". However, because of my height and torso they were not flattering. Would be great for someone overall longer than 5'0". These would also be a great travel pant.

The Jennifer
Suggested Body Type: Hour-glass, rectangle, long torso & apple when it comes to the high-rise options
Measurements: Available in a mid-rise and a high-rise. 31" inseam on the skinny. 30" inseam for bootcut. 28" inseam for petite and ankle options.

Final Verdict: Right off the bat Ashley mentioned these would be great for Carrie Beth's build. I put them on so she could have a reference. I actually really loved the fit! The regular length skinny was long on me, but overall fit was spot on.

The Nicole
Suggested Body Type: Pear, hour-glass, athletic
Measurements: Mid-rise with a 31" inseam or 28" ankle inseam.
Final Verdict: Loved these too! The Beija Flor team informed me the structure of these was intended to give your butt a little lift - and that it did! From all angles this pair was a winner! I wore my regular size in these and other than the regular length being long they are perfection.

There are several other cuts and styles available from Beija Flor as well.  Their team is amazing at helping you find the right fit, but if you aren't able to make it in store to get fitted, their online fit guide is a great resource!

All cuts offer multiple colors and style options - even skirts! We love that once you find your perfect fit you have multiple options to chose from. There isn't any restarting back at square one to find another pair of pants.    


Jen chose the Audrey pant in Distressed Blue and Carrie Beth chose the Nicole in Smokey Grey.

| Tiered Ruffle Top | Audrey Jeans in Distressed Blue

| Tee | Nicole Jean in Smokey Grey | Snake Print Platform

And we're already dreaming of Fall and all the outfit possibilities now that we found a pair of jeans that are the right fit and oh so comfortable.

| Peplum Top | Nicole Jean in Smokey Grey | Leopard Wedges

| Leopard Top | Nicole Jean in Smokey Grey | Perforated Grey Sneakers |


Our friends at Beija Flor Jeans are so nice, and after chatting for a few hours and leaving with our favorite new jeans, we knew we couldn't leave empty handed for YOU! The ladies gave us a discount code to share with you. Use code MAGNOLIA10 for 10% off your entire order!

Thank you again to the Beija Flor team! We can't wait to get to Kiawah Island again soon and have another fun chat and try-on sesh! 

What Beija Flor Jeans will you give a try?

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