Thursday, February 27, 2020

Monster Jam Mother Son Date Night

Whew. It's mid-week and we're still recovering from our weekend fun. In addition to our normal kids sports filled weekend schedule, we planned a fun little Mommy and Son date night. We heard Monster Jam was coming to Atlanta, and knew our boys would think it was the perfect outing.

And we were right.

Saturday evening we made our way to the Mercedes-Benz stadium in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Traffic was your typical Atlanta traffic, and it took us what seemed like forever just to go half a mile. But, the second the boys got out of the car and saw the stadium they were all smiles.

This was Jen's first time at Monster Jam, but being an old pro at it Carrie Beth made sure we were all prepared with noise cancellation headphones to protect everyone's ears.

We couldn't believe how loud it really was! The noise only added to the boys excitement.

The moment those Monster Truck engines were cranked, the boys were in full bliss mode. They didn't want to miss a single detail and recorded each and every race, trick, and crash to show their dads and friends.

We didn't realize that the show would be split into two sections: a race segment and a freestyle segment. Because there was some down time in between, we let the boys grab another snack and a souvenir. They were so excited to find these Grave Digger cups that light up. Already they've snuck them to school one day to share with their friends as their at-desk drinking cup.

If we thought they loved the Monster Jam racing portion of the show, the second half can only be described as utter elation.

The level of tricks the skilled drivers can do with their Monster Trucks is impressive. We aren't even sure how you train or prep for such tricks, but at every turn those massive vehicles were airborne, flipping, walking on their bumpers, and reversing while vertical.

Both moms and kids alike were in awe of their ability.

The crowd favorites seemed to be Grave Digger, El Toro Loco, and the Monster trucks.

Grave Digger took home the trophy and everyone's hearts. But everyone put on a great show. Even the few who went all out in their tricks so much that their vehicles landed only slightly resembling what they started as, received large crowd cheers.

When the final truck crossed the finish line, and the trophy winner was determined the boys were already asking when they could return.

It was the perfect idea for a Mother/Son date night!

If you missed the Monster Jam tour in Atlanta, there are still tons of tour dates remaining in other cities throughout the Spring and Early Summer.  It's great for the whole family, and entertaining for kids (and adults!) of all ages and interests.

Did you Monster Jam? What was your favorite part? 

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