Friday, February 7, 2020

The BEST Golden Goose Dupes

Today's post has been a collection of months of my internet searching. I've mentioned this before, but I REALLY want a pair of Golden Goose sneakers.  I am currently obsessing over THESE with the cute gingham star.  Wouldn't they be perfect for spring?!

As much as I love them and know I would wear the heck out of them, it just isn't going to happen. The price is just WAY too steep for me, so unless I can find a pair on major sale, I am going to have to settle for a dupe. The good news is there are a LOT of great dupes out there and so many cute styles, colors and patterns that you don't have to spend a crazy amount to get the same look.  
I bought THESE from Amazon just to sort of test the waters and see how much I would actually wear them.  The answer is, I wear them a ton! I feel like I can wear them with casual outfits and it looks a little more put together than wearing a running shoe.  To me they are the shoe that describes my style perfectly...casual, but just a little bit fancy. 

I've been on the hunt for another great dupe and have the very BEST ones to share with y'all today.  So many of these options come in different colors and patterns.  The prices range anywhere from around $30 - $130 depending on the brand and now my only problem is deciding which ones to order because I really love them all! 

1. Pink Pink  ($115) - I would LOVE this pink pair for spring and summer. THESE are cute too! 

2. Neon Yellow/Snake Skin ($132) - I have seen these in person and they look really good.  They have the worn/scuffed look just like Golden Goose and the colors are really fun.

3. Glitter Star ($50) - Love the glittery look of these! These are fun too!

4. Leopard Star ($85) - These are maybe the best dupe for the price that I have seen. They already have the worn look Golden Goose is known for and come in several different colors.

5. Animal Print ($150) - When I saw these I did a double take. I love the animal print, the blue laces and just feel like these are different in a really good way. (Note - these have very limited sizes left. Another great option is this pair.)

6. Metallic Gold ($35)  - Comes in a bunch of different metallic and glitter options.

7. Multi-Color Snakeskin with Star Studs ($145) - Not sure what it is about theses, but I love them!  I like the high-top option and feel like this is something JEM and the Holograms would wear. (Note - these have very limited sizes left. We like THIS PAIR too!)

8. Glitter High-Tops ($68) - These have amazing reviews and have the patch on the tongue and the scuffed/worn marks just like the real deal. (If you are willing to go a little pricier THIS PAIR is a cute option too!)

9. Zebra Print ($105) - I thought these were fun for people who like color and patterns.  (Note - these have very limited sizes left. THESE PAIRS are fun too!)

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  1. Hi the link to the 8th pair isn’t working do you happen to know maybe another place I can find them?!


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