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Book Club: February 2020

Happy February friends! January always seems like the longest month out of the year. It's a good recovery and refresh month (especially when it comes to our homes and project list!), but it also tends to drag with its cold, dreary weather. 

So, we are pumped to put it behind us and move on to February. And to one of our favorite posts out of the month...

...Book Club! 

We were both on the reading wagon this month, and can't wait to share! 

Also, please send in suggestions because we need to keep this train rolling. Or at least be able to tune out for a few minutes the constant sounds of YouTube and TikTok that emit from various devices around us. 


This month started out STRONG for me when I listened to Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. 

I loved this book!  It tells about the rise and fame of a 70's rock band on their way to being world famous and explains the mystery behind their prompt breakup. It is told through an interview style and reads as if it is a biography or memoir. Because there are many different narrators and the text is all very conversational, it tells the story in a way that feels SO real.  I even Googled at one point to see if this was about a real band (it wasn't), but the way it was written and told made you think it was.  I would 100% recommend listening to this because I think the different narrators totally made this book and I'm not sure I would have been as into it if I was reading it myself. This was so different than a typical novel and so creatively written. It is going to be hard to top this one as my favorite book of the year! 

Next up for me was Colleen Hoover's newest novel, Regretting You. I haven't read a Hoover novel  that I didn't enjoy.  I feel like a lot of her writing is very similar in style, but I like it so always come back to her novels. 

This one follows a mother and her teenage daughter as they learn some devastating news that will change their futures. As they begin to uncover a hidden secret it makes them question everything they thought they knew about the man that was the husband/father in their life.  As each of them deals with grief in their own way, they also learn to be open to loving again.  It felt a little predictable and was kind of forgettable.  It kept me me listening non-stop, but it was just OK. It was a typical Hoover novel so if you like that style you'll like this one. 

Some of you may remember that I named American Royals as my favorite book of 2019, so when I heard that The Royal We was pretty similar, I couldn't wait to add this one to my list. 

It is the classic American girl meets a prince and falls in love kind of story. This particular story follows the two lovebirds and their real life ups and downs over many years. They fall in love, they break up and they fall in love again.  It's a peek into what royal life is like and shows the struggles of falling in love with such a high profile person who is tied to the crown.  I really liked this book and was excited to learn that there is a sequel coming out this summer titled The Heir Affair. I will definitely be listening to this one, too.   

As I settled down to write this post I thought I wouldn't have much to say. But, then I looked back at my reading list I keep and realized I read more than it felt. Especially because I got so sucked into a few new shows I've been watching

January is such a looooooong month. It's the one month that seems to stretch forever to me. Looking back I did most of my reading/listening at the beginning of the month, while my children were still on holiday break. I'm not sure about you, but Christmas already feels like forever ago. But, somewhere between packing up holiday decor and entertaining my three Mini Magnolias, I managed to sneak in some reading.  

Because I can't stop watching Virgin River on Netflix, I decided to read the next two books in the Virgin River series. The show kind of mixes all these books together and diverts a little from the text. So, it was fun for me to read a little bit more about the characters in depth. All the books in the series are stand alone novels, but the characters all intertwine and lead back to the main characters in the first book. Much like Virgin River, Shelter Mountain and Whispering Rock have a little bit heartache, a whole lot of drama, a bit of mystery, and a lot of romance intertwined in them. They are fun books, and ones I'd put on your list if you have a Winter Break or Spring Break on the horizon. I took a break from the rest of the series, but plan on picking it back up soon. 

For my next book, I changed things up a bit and picked this historical fiction novel. The Lost Girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff was recommended to me by a friend. It was so good! And one of those books that will stick with you for a while long after its gone. The story follows Grace who is a recent widow in the 1940's post WWII. Grace finds an abandoned suitcase in Grand Central Station, and decides to open it. Inside she finds photos of young women, and is intrigued. Grace's life then becomes wrapped up in war, spies, and mystery. It was such an interesting story, and at times I felt like it was a little rushed, even though you are being given a ton of information, but I couldn't put it down. I later learned this was a fictional story but was based on true events. That was fascinating to me! I really enjoyed the book, and if you like historical fiction mixed with mystery and a bit of romance this would be right up your alley. 

(This book would be perfect for Beatriz Williams lovers! Very similar style writing and wit.) 

Carrie Beth texted me one day and asked, "Have you read Daisy Jones & The Six? If not, you need to! It might be my favorite book of the year!".  

Considering it was only January - the beginning of January - I knew she meant business. 

So, I downloaded the Audible of  Daisy Jones & The Six. One because at this point school was back in, and two Carrie Beth did the Audible version and I felt like then we would have the same experience. I love Taylor Jenkins Reid novels, but they are all so different to me. So you never know what you are walking into. Daisy Jones & The Six was no exception. Carrie Beth already gave you the run down of the premise behind the novel, and just as she said - it was so different it made you love it. I think listening to it was the right way to go. There are a ton of different characters, and the book being written interview style...well, it just makes it feel more real maybe. Each character is read by a different actor - so different than most Audibles. So it seems as you are listening that it's a real live interview happening or a podcast that you are listening to. Very interesting and one I would definitely put on your "read"/listen list ASAP. 



I am about to start Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. 

It is a novel based on the true story of an unthinkable American scandal where a director of an adoption agency kidnapped and sold poor children to wealthy families. I have a feeling this one is going to pull at my heartstrings, but I'm excited to dive into it! 


Colleen Hoover novels tend to never let me down, so I have ready to go on my Kindle her latest - Regretting You. I haven't read her last few since they had mixed reviews, but fingers crossed this one is as good as her earlier novels that we all came to love. I'll let you know next month! 

Now what else should we put on our reading lists this month? What good books have you read lately? Share with us! 

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