Thursday, October 28, 2021

Create the Perfect Charcuterie Board with Coton Colors Atlanta

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Coton Colors Atlanta Charcuterie Event. While I love a good charcuterie, I stink at actually putting my own together. I was excited to learn some new tips and tricks from the on staff designer at Coton Colors, and maybe do a little post event shopping. And from start to finish the event, was perfection.

The staff did such a great job  - from start to finish every little detail was thought of. We arrived to our own charcuterie boards laid out for us to build, drinks, music, and an array of delicious snacks.   

The designer was knowledgeable about everything from cheese varieties, pairings, and even a few fun tricks to style your boards with a little extra "wow".  

She shared some ideas I never would have thought of on my own, and can't wait to share with my guests this holiday season. She was even great about sharing where to get quality and affordable charcuterie items if they didn't carry them in store. 

Her board building skills were amazing, and her final product was almost too pretty to eat. 


We totally ate the whole yummy display. 

Right down to the flowers. 

After the taste testing was finished, we were able to create our own board to take home to share. We each were given the opportunity to put our skills to work, and then shop for anything in store at a discount. 

How did I do? 

(Not pictured: large bag of yummy goodies I purchased to take home with me!)


I learned so many great tips and tricks on how to build the perfect charcuterie. Here are just a few of my favorites...

  1.  When purchasing items for your charcuterie, try to have a mixture of savory, sweet, and salty to offer. 
  2. The more color, the better! 
  3. Think of something unique to put on your board to wow the guests. It doesn't have to be edible! (For example: The designer added figurines, cut fruit, edible flowers, as well as made a centerpiece out of a carved pumpkin and a few small flowers.)
  4. Offer guests items at different heights. 
  5. Have a variety of tooth pick lengths available. (I thought having these longer tooth picks was genius! She said they help keep dangling sleeves and jewelry out of the dips.) 
  6. Take off all plastic and pre-cut your cheeses before your event. This is a huge time saver! (The designer informed us she does it the day before and stores them in these wax paper bags.)
  7. Make sure to have gluten-free items on hand. 
  8. Fold your meats. It looks neater, and it is easier for guests to pick up with tooth picks. 

Favorite Cheese: Unexpected Cheddar (from Trader Joes). This was a crowd favorite! 

Tons of you guys were interested in this event, and asked if Coton Colors plans on having another one. They have a lot of events in the works - be sure to check their events and social media pages often. There are several holiday events coming up that sound amazing! You won't want to miss them! I already can't wait to bring my girlfriends to the next event! 


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