Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Easy & Inexpensive Boo Boxes

Full disclosure - going to be a little "extra" here. I love giving gifts, and have been known to give them for every and any occasion. But in past years, I haven't really given gifts for Halloween. This year, though, three of the seven teachers my kids see daily have birthdays the week of Halloween. So, I thought I would do a little something fun for all of the teachers. 

And let's be honest. If anyone deserves a gift these days, it's our teachers! 

I came up with the idea of these little "Boo Boxes". They look pretty, but I promise they are quick and easy to put together. Bonus - I was able to make each one for around $5! 

The kids helped sort and stock each one and within a few minutes each one was packaged and ready to go. So it looks "extra", without being a whole lot of extra. 


Most items I grabbed from the Target Dollar Spot and the Walmart Seasonal section. It all kind of coordinated, but you can do your own mix of items too! 

In case you want to know where specific items from this bunch came from here is a breakdown: 
- Drink holder: Walmart Seasonal Section (come in packs of two)
- Mini Candy Corn Packs - Walmart Seasonal Section
- Decorative Cookies - Target Bakery
- "I Put A Spell On You" Socks - Target Dollar Spot, $1
- Fall Candle - Target Dollar Spot, $3
- Glitter Nail Polish - Target Beauty Section (Colors: Strobe Light & Rockstar Pink)

The fun socks I just couldn't resist. Especially since the week of Halloween our teachers have a lot of fun events planned. Our teachers are a wide range of ages too. 

One classroom is peanut-free so I did these Fall candles with the drink huggers and socks instead of the mix candies and cookies. 

For wrapping I used the following: 

- 5x5 inch treat boxes (can be found here or here)
- Various ribbon -Walmart Craft Section

Long time readers know we used to have an Etsy shop with different stationery and printables we created. Those days are long gone, and while I still love creating personalized items for our family, for this project I download this super cute "Spooky Wishes" tag from another Etsy seller. 

The "Spooky Wishes" tag printable came right away and was editable. I customized them to each kid's name and then printed on some cardstock. Super easy! 

Once the kids put the items they wanted for each of their teachers and wrote a little note, the "Boo Boxes" were all wrapped up and ready to go! 

I did these for our teachers, but could totally see doing this for friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers. They might even make for a fun little agent gift if you are a real estate agent. Put in a Home Depot gift card and done! 

I like that it was a simple idea and could even be done as a candy filled "Boo Box". Everyone loves a little surprise - no matter how big or how small! 


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