Tuesday, October 19, 2021

HOCO Recap {A Mom's Point of View}

Last week was a whirlwind!  It was my oldest daughter's first homecoming and although it was crazy busy, I am SO very grateful that the kids got to experience a traditional homecoming week and all of the fun that goes along with it. Everyday they had theme days to dress up for spirit week and Friday was when the real fun began.  They had a school wide pep rally, homecoming parade and got to cheer for the varsity game. 

I stayed WAY too up late almost every night that week getting things ready. From poster making to float making, there was a lot to prepare for that week. Each cheerleader and football player has a poster hung in the stadium during the homecoming game.  

Crafting is usually my jam, but because I had so much else going on I decided to just make a poster digitally using a template on this site and then had it printed at my local CVS.  It was WAY faster and probably less expensive than it would have been to print out all my photos and getting lots of supplies.  

Our school does a big homecoming parade and it was so much fun.  A few moms and I planned and decorated the float for their team and it turned out really cute!  We used vinyl fringe to go around the bottom and then just dollar store plastic table cloths cut in strips to be the backdrop on the back.

I made their school logo out of colored construction paper and the adorable cursive balloon letters were the perfect addition! I'll definitely be ordering those again for parties.  

The balloon garland across the top was so easy to make using an electric balloon pump and a balloon garland kit

I see lots of balloon garlands in my future at parties and events! You simply blow up the balloons, put the ends through this plastic tape with little holes that they include and you are done.  We attached everything with zip-ties to the trailer and it all held great.  

I checked my little guy out of school early so he could watch the parade and he totally racked up on the candy.  I told him he wouldn't even need to go trick-or-treating! 

The girls did a great job cheering on Friday night at the game and because there is no rest for the weary they had their last school cheer competition the next day. They did great and got their highest score of the season. 

It was a mad dash after they competed to drive home so they could quickly get ready for the homecoming dance.  You would have never known they were so rushed with how beautiful they all looked. It seriously took my breath away to see them all.  

None of them had dates which I found hard to believe, but I know they had more fun just being together as a group anyway! 

Because of cheer rules they weren't able to get their nails done so they all used these glue on nails in the car on the way home from the competition and you NEVER would have known. 

They are still on a few days later and look great. It was a very inexpensive and quick solution to helping them get ready fast.  

After pictures, dinner and the dance her friends came back to our house and I had popcorn, desserts and snacks ready for them.  They were all so sweet the entire night!

Because of early practices the next day they didn't stay up too, late and woke up the next morning to a fun waffle breakfast.  

The food was honestly the easiest thing I did all week long, but looked fun and festive. The girls loved it. Putting everything together on a platter or board like that makes it look fancy, but is so easy for cleanup. 

I'm really just so happy that I was able to help out during the week and host the girls on homecoming night. I know these four years of high school are going to fly by and before I know it she'll be gone at college so I'm always happy to make things as special and fun for them as possible.  

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  1. That sounds like such a fun and busy homecoming week! Our school ended up canceling theirs again this year.


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