Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Parade of Cuteness

This week has been full of all things Halloween. We attended Cute's Halloween parade and party at school, and let me just tell you...cutest thing ever! I just love seeing all the tiny little ones in their tiny little costumes. 

We headed out nice and early so that we could get Little Cute and I a good spot to view the parade. We arrived right on time, and then sadly it started to pour down rain. Boo! Luckily his school has enough room to do the parade inside. Everyone did a great job staying organized and keeping the kids happy. 

Here's cute with his sweet teachers. He loved seeing them dressed up for the parade, and couldn't believe that grown-ups could trick-or-treat too. 

His wonderful teacher from last year, Mrs. T., had such an adorable snowman costume I just had to take her pic too. She fit right in with the Frozen theme that was hugely popular this year.  

Cute loved parading and was so excited to find us in the crowd. He opted not to wear his scary race car mask for the parade. His reasoning was apparently no one would be able to see his "big bad race car driver face". 

I was fine with that as anything has to be better than the mask. Back story: I had delusions of sweet coordinating costumes for The Cutes, but then on a shopping trip with daddy he saw this costume and was instantly attached. He has no clue it is an evil race car driver, and I couldn't bring myself to break his heart to switch it. 

In the end, he has fun wearing it and that is what matters. He loved it so much he even wore it the whole day, and wanted to sleep in it. And I let him. :)

Everyone had such adorable costumes!

After the parade, the little ones had a fun party filled with treats, crafts, and spooky Halloween stories. The kids loved it.

And just when the sugar started hitting their systems and things started to get silly, it was time to head home.

We sent everyone home with these fun treats and mini pumpkins. I just added Cute's personalized treat tag sticker to it on the front. With food allergies in his class we have to opt out of homemade treats and certain candy so these were a quick easy way for us to say "Happy Halloween!". 

Hope everyone has a fun Halloween tomorrow!!!
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