Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Indoor Fall Decor

I get so excited about the changing of seasons and the new upcoming holidays that go along with that.  I love fall, but I also love Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, etc.  I guess I pretty much love any excuse to decorate the house, dress my kids in theme-wear, and go all out.  I know you ladies love decorating for holidays, too, because our Instagram feed is full of all sorts of really great fall decorating ideas!  

I like to keep most of my fall decorations things I can easily switch from Halloween to Thanksgiving with simple little changes like touches of ribbon.  I'll probably add a few things here and there over the next month, but here is a little tour of the indoor fall decor at my house! 

On our entry way table I just added some black and white gingham ribbon to my lamps, to my lantern and mercury glass, switched out the white candle for an orange one and add a few fall sprigs to my greenery.

Also, I add the customized printed burlap pumpkin sign that Jen made for me.  I found this neat wooden and tin frame at Michaels on clearance for $8 and thought it would look great with the print.  I LOVE the personalized touch it adds to this table.  (P.S. - You can find this print in our Etsy shop - HERE).

 In my kitchen on the island I have a little bowl of pumpkins (that were a Wal-Mart find years ago) and of course I had to switch out all of my hand soaps around the house for fall inspired scents from Bath and Body Works!

I fill this glass pumpkin with candy corn and would y'all believe this thing was filled to the brim about 4 days ago?  I haven't had one, but I can't say the same for everyone else in my house.  

I made these fabric pumpkins a years ago and love spreading them out around the house. 

I've collected lots of pumpkins over the years so I like to just add them into what I already have on top of tables or consoles with some fall colored candles for an easy switch. 

 I add some fall sprigs to the vase sitting on my dining room table and also more candles on leaf-shaped plates wrapped with more fun fall sprigs.

Because I have kids and because Halloween is definitely a holiday for children I do include some traditional orange and black Halloween decor.  My chalkboard got a fun transformation.  

And my antique hutch became the spot for all of the other orange and black goodies.

 And one last thing I do for the kids is have a big basket filled with all of the books about Halloween, fall, and Thanksgiving.  I love it because the books are out and readily available for the kids to look at and and they get so excited to read them each year.

The other thing I keep in this basket that I pull out each year is this little photo album.  In it I add a picture of the kids dressed in their costumes each year and they have so much fun looking back at themselves dressed up when they were younger.  

 And before I head off to wake up sleepyhead Boo-Boo, I have to share this little sneak peek with you.

See that little head poking out?  He was awfully curious as I was taking pictures.  This little guy joined our family over the weekend so I can't wait to share more about him later this week. :-)

 photo cbsignature.jpg

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