Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fashion Fix: Fall Totes

I used to be a purse addict. Then kids came along and all my cute purses retired and the diaper bag happily became my daily accessory. Like most new moms, I was shocked at the amount of stuff that needed to be carried around on a daily basis. Diapers, wipes, multiple outfit changes, snacks, sippy cups, first aid kit, paci, toys....and on and on and on. I was bordering on needing a roller suitcase to go from place to place with my newborn.

My diaper bag, after four years and multiple children, was starting to look a little shabby. Also being a not so new mom now, I realized most of the stuff I was carrying I didn't really need. So this past summer I retired my trusty old diaper bag and started carrying something a little smaller. I picked out a fun colored tote with lots of pockets and have loved the transition. With my arms constantly full it was nice to have something much more manageable on my shoulder. 

With fall making its arrival I've begun looking for a new tote to carry me through winter. Over the last few weeks, I've checked a few out at some of my favorite stores and pinned a few cute options on Pinterest, but can't quite decide. Here are a few of my favorites...

Ju-Ju-Be First Lady Diaper Tote
This is so fun with its polka dots and fun gold accents.
Has a ton of pockets, which is great for the organization loving mama.
And again, who doesn't love polka dots?

Dooney and Bourke Striped Canvas Shopper Tote
In person I loved how cute this was with a nautical feel. 
I also loved how thick the nylon was. 
Would be so durable on wear and tear.

Michael Kors Jet Set Black Leather Tote
Just a simple black leather tote.
Kind of like your easy go-to and always classy.

Michael Kors Gold Jet Set Tote
Kind of like the black one...but way more fun!

Danzo Baby Green Canvas Diaper Tote
I like the green color of this tote, and it would match a lot of my Lilly wardrobe.
It has a ton of pockets and an additional shoulder strap.
I feel like the pocket would look super cute to monogram.
And you know I love a good monogram.

Tory Burch Kerrington Shopper 
I love love LOVE this fun leopard print. 
It was a unique feeling material, but durable and light.

Hunter Rubberized Tote
I love this. Not only is it cute, but would be super easy to clean. 
And waterproof. It's a win-win.

Dooney and Bourke Cheetah Tulip Shopper Tote
Again, with the animal print. LOVE!
This was also made of a durable nylon.
This one has been tough to locate in store, but its just too cute to leave behind.

Kate Spade Hawthorne Lane Striped Tote
Loved the feel of this tote and that it even had the pattern on the inside.
Had a few more pockets than some of the other totes.
And I loved the little bow detail. 

See, it's such a tough (but fun) choice!

Do you have a favorite? Or another suggestion? Help me pick! Leave a comment below, or click the poll to the right to let me know!

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