Friday, December 11, 2015

A Football Weekend {UGA & The Atlanta Falcons}

We love football around here. We especially love college football and on any given Saturday in the fall you can find us sitting on our porch, watching football, and cheering for our favorite times.  

A few weekends ago we took the kids to a UGA game in Athens and had the very best time. It was a 7 PM game and it was cold, but they were troopers and did so great.  Being back in Athens at our alma mater brought back so many memories and I loved getting to share the fun and excitement of a college football game with our kids.  

We introduced them to tailgating...

They got to experiences the amazing energy that fills college stadiums on game day...

They had a blast cheering as loud as they could in the stands...

And got their fill of popcorn...

It was a really fun day for us and despite getting home late, everyone did great.  I really hope we can go to a game again next year.  The next day the Mr. and I had another full day of football head of us, but this time we were heading to the Falcon's game.  I had not been to a Falcon's game in probably over 10 years, despite living right here in Atlanta.  If you remember a while back I posted about how wonderful it is to live in a big city because we have so many professional sporting events to get to attend.  I don't know why it took me so long to get back to a Falcon's game, but I was excited for the day.  

Because it had been so long since I had been to a game and because I was so out of the loop, I really wasn't prepared.  As we were driving up to the stadium our friend made a comment about everyone's clear bags. I didn't think anything of it and then it hit me.  I didn't see one single person with a purse and instead everyone had these clear bags. A quick google search confirmed what I had guessed...the NFL has a bag policy and bags were not allowed inside the stadium.  I went into panic mode...not really, but I always have what I call my "mom bag" with me I feel lost without it!  I quickly started stuffing things I might need into my pockets.  You know, phone, lip gloss, chapstick, a brush, etc...the essentials!  So just as FYI to any of you ladies that are going to be heading to a Falcon's or other NFL game...plan accordingly!  

Once inside we found our seats and enjoyed the game.  I will say the energy and excitement at a professional game is much different than at a college game.  It's still fun and the fans are really into it, but it didn't feel as intense or passionate or something.  It could have just been me, but something definitely felt different about the fan experience.

We had a great time cheering though and the Falcons were doing such a great job.  We lead most of the game and every time they scored these big flags were run across the field.

At half-time the cadets from The Citadel performed and I was so excited to see them because my dad graduated from The Citadel. I remember being a kid and going to football games there in Charleston. We'd always go to the campus on Fridays before the game and watch the parade of cadets as they practiced their marching. It was really like full circle to be seeing them in Atlanta performing at half-time of the football game I was at.  I took lots of pictures and a video to send to my dad. :-)

The Falcon's end up loosing the game at the very end, but we still had a great day and it was fun to be hanging out with my Mr. all day long!

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