Monday, February 5, 2018

Fashion Fix: Wear Your Love Story

Thank you James Avery for sponsoring this post. All thoughts, ideas and opinions are my own. 

Valentine's Day has never really been a big holiday that the Mr. and I celebrate.  When we were in high school and college we'd go to dinner and get each other a card or something small, but that was about it.  Now that we have kids though, our focus has shifted.  Like everything, Valentine's Day is more fun with children!  We like to make it all about our kids and our love for them.  Last year I shared the idea of little love notes that I left for my kids each day of February leading up to Valentine's Day. I shared with them reasons I loved them and they absolutely adored this.  They all saved them and I find them looking at them from time to time which is just the sweetest.

Even though this stage of our lives are busy, active and can be exhausting at times, it's sweet little moments and memories like this that ground me and make me realize just how blessed I am.  For as long as I could remember all I wanted to be was a mom.  Some women have great career ambitions or lofty goals they want to succeed at, but for me, I really always knew I just wanted to be a mom.

I absolutely adore these three and feel so lucky to get to be their mom.  The Mr. and I always joke how boring life would be without them.  They make us laugh, keep us on our toes, and bring more joy than we ever could have imagined.

When James Avery invited us to see their Valentine's Day new releases I was so excited. I had spent sometime checking out their catalog and found so many pieces that represented my love for my kids.

I'm so happy I was able to see their jewelry in person because some things look totally different in pictures than they do in person.

I absolutely adored these Vintage Alphabet Pendants. Because each of my kids' names start with the same letter I considered getting an "H" pendant with the heart. 

Then I happened to see this black double wrap leather bracelet and knew this is what I would get!  Most James Avery pieces are silver and more traditional in style, but I loved that this was a little different. It felt very trendy and I knew I would be able to personalize it to be meaningful to me. 

I considered some of the many charms they offer, but then an idea popped in my head when I spotted these colorful gemstone and enhancer beads. 

The sweet woman working at the store helped me choose beads that represented each of my three kids' birthstones.  

Then she explained to me the charms and beads would be soldered on (free of charge) and helped me to arrange the beads how I wanted them. 

I decided to add one more thing to my bracelet and went with the Vintage Type "h" charm.  Since each of my kids' names begin with an H I knew this would be the final touch. 

I went back two days later to pick up my bracelet and could not love it more.  I love that I was able to personalize it the way I wanted.  It truly tells my love story.  Each time I look down at it I see a bead for each of my children and it makes me smile.  

I feel like this bracelet is more than just jewelry. It is a way for me to wear my love story!

James Avery offers so many ways to tell your love story. It is so interesting to see and hear all of the ways customers use jewelry in a way that is meaningful to them.  THIS STORY was the February customer story of forever...a tear jerker for sure.  It is sad, but a must watch because it is also so very sweet.  So special to see how James Avery plays a big role in remembering a loved one.  

What is your love story?  Share your own using #MyJamesAvery on social media!  

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