Thursday, February 8, 2018

Children's Museum of Atlanta: Healthyville

The Children's Museum of Atlanta

I have always loved living in Atlanta. It has it's positives and it minuses like any major city, but I love how much there is to do. We have so many great options right at our finger tips at any given time, and even more so when it comes to kids' activities.

We hadn't been to the Children's Museum of Atlanta since our visit in the Fall, and last week I decided to say yes to a little playdate morning there with the girls that we were invited to. I had been sick most of the week, and everyone was feeling a little cabin feverish, so I thought this would be the perfect little outing to let the toddler set unleash their pent up energy.


When we arrived we learned the Children's Museum had just kicked off their latest new exhibit, Healthyville.

It's on display at the museum until May 28th of this year, and is an interactive exhibit that teaches health and wellness lessons through play filled activities. It's geared towards kids ages 5-12, but my girls loved it.

L.C. says she wants to be a doctor one day so this was totally up her ally. She loved being able to see what different parts work in our body, how our bones were laid out, and what our movements look like inside of our bodies.

The kids were so fascinated by the child-sized skeletons that they could interact with. The skeletons are set up to mirror the same movements as you while on a bike or a row boat. This was such a hit amongst all the kids around us too. I think it was so neat for them to see what all is working on the inside of their bodies to make them be able to do such activities. It is such a neat way for them to see it all in action and learn.

There were tons of healthy facts and interactive play stations around that created ways for them to learn without them realizing it.

Other stations also helped them role play to see what our medical professionals do, see, and go through when you get to visit them. The girls loved getting to dress up as a dentist or a doctor and check out the oversized parts.

There were tools the doctors use, x-rays for them to examine, and teeth they were able to brush. They loved this!

The exhibit was so fun and I was so glad that we were able to check it out! The girls loved it so much, and I hate Cute missed out on it that we might have to make a trip back soon before it leaves.


Once we finished with the Healthyville exhibit, I knew we couldn't leave without checking out some of our other favorite parts of the museum.

There are just so many fun things for the kids to do and see and touch! They could stay all day if I let them and never once would I hear a complaint. The museum has revamped and added so many fun things for the kids to do since I used to bring Cute here when he was tiny. And it cracks me up to see how excited the kids get about being in charge of real life scenarios.

From running the kitchen at the Waffle House...

And grocery shopping...

They have a blast doing it all. 

With the girls the painting center is a huge hit. L.C. loves anything to do with art and has asked if we could build one of these walls at home. 

And to burn a little energy they have this HUGE climber the kids can go up in. There are a million different ways to get to the top, and while B.C. is a little small for it, we were the only ones on it at the time so L.C. was easily able to help her up without blocking anyone else (or me worrying about her getting lost in the mix). 

The entire place is fun, fun, FUN! I love our little playdates here and can't wait to see what the Children's Museum has for its next exhibit!

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** Thank you to BRAVE PR and The Children's Museum of Atlanta for providing tickets. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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